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Instructions to update AbTrak:

1. Close AbSale
2. Back up your AbSale data (Copying the folder is best).
3. Download the AbSaleUpdate.exe
4. Run AbSaleUpdate.exe

The programmer cannot test all combinations of processing, so while I believe this Setup to be fine, I cannot guarantee it absolutely, so exercise due diligence!

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AbSale Program Setup

Run the setup. New program files will be written to the selected folder.

No Data files are installed. i.e any existing data you have entered is retained





June 7, 2018


Including Live Mortality data in several container reports.
Minor improvements to front end of Meat Production windows. Not yet processing data, but focussing on getting correct relevant data entered, before processing the container

May 8, 2018


Beta of Production input, includes Off site Cannery and On site IQF
May 3, 2018

Catch return must show actual receival details, excluding GL Live Mortalities. In this version, a GL live mortality weight can be entered, and the recovered meat entered into the receival. This will create an associated receival for the recovered mortality meat, which can be graded and allocated to a container, but will be ignored on the catch return.

April 22, 2018

Live container receival summary reports can show totals by either Grade totals or Recival totals.
Live catch summary report doesn’t show correct kg caught. Fixed
Sales and Receivals Summary was wrong in Delivered kg.  Fixed
Tab sequence on Receival entry updated

Work in Progress on Meat Container production

April 4, 2018

Restructured Live Mortality to be part of the receival. Extra fields on Receival: Mortality (WIS kg), Recovered Meat Reweigh. The original Live quantity is retained for purposes of Catch Return, but Live - Mortality is what goes into a live container and to be graded. Recovered Meat is added to Meat and also graded and containered as that .

Live Sales: Costs and prices are added for a container. Then the container sales are entered. Then processing works out profits and diver payments. Two reports: a Container Summary and a Sale Listing

Blacklip meat, which does not require grading, can now be graded into a single grade Total so that the data entry requires two steps, thus providing a degree of data checking. Actually multiple grades are possible, but one is sufficient for therequested purchase. Data checks on its grading have been re-implemented.

Mar 18, 2018

Blacklip Mods: Grading not required, so turn off warnings and colour coding
BL Meat Container license reports now show receivals of total meat, as well as grade totals
Utilities for data checking and correction updated, esp to remove orphans from containers

Mar 15, 2018

Focussing on Live Container: Esp Discrepancies between the actual receival amount and the graded quantities.
This was getting complex with Morts being treated as a negative Live receival that is not graded with an associated Graded Meat Receival, all in a new receival against the original Receival. So a live container could have had positive and negative receivals for a given license.

Have done away with that after talking with Bec today. If a known live receival, say 100kg has an associated mortality, say 10kg attributed to it, then the original receival is called up, modified to 90kg Live, and has 10kg added to Whole plus whatever associated reweigh. It then can be graded as best as it can.

This means all License Holder receivals in a container should be positive amounts. A negative receival is still added to a live container in the event of mortality of unspecified license. (Will go in under NA).

The Mortality button is now removed from the Receivals Table.
A Discrepancy report has been added to the Container window, and works only on Live at the moment.

Feb 21, 2018 Getting Container Reports as refined as possible. Container Reports work off Grade Totals, which do not always exactly match Receivals, esp if Morts are involved.
March 31, 2017

A license holder may or may not be a shareholder
Make G/L kg entry, not percent
On adding a New Receival, force containers to be chosen before window can be closed. Done.
Transfer from Live to Meat after shucking + ability to revert
Carry over from one container to another + ability to revert
More checks

March 13, 2017 Grading Window takes GL Meat as Percentage and determines kg from that.
Added a Revert function to the grading window so that if you have entered figures and change your mind, you can revert to the previously held data
Feb 27, 2017
    Responding to Trish email of 17 Feb 2017....
  • Roei receivals need a window to enter re-weighs- DONE
  • No drop down selections to choose grades appear when we open the grading box in receivals, therefore we can’t grade the receival. Because you have to pre-enter the grade ranges under Background Files
  • In the new receival entry window, can the delivery detail windows be empty (no zero figure)? If not can we re-arrange the order to meat, live, whole weight, re-weigh to make tabbing through more efficient - DONE BOTH
Feb 03, 2017 Made changes as discussed over the phone last Wednesday. Changes to the grading and to container behaviour
Jan 30, 2017


Save the installer anywhere, but when running it, you will have to change the installation folder to the share you use on your network.

Jan 25, 2017

Early prototype for testing Receivals and allocation to Containers