Updates to AbTrak

Instructions to update AbTrak - includes OMT utility:

1. Back up your Abtrak data then close Abtrak.
2. Download the AbTrakUpdate.exe (link on left of this page)
3. Run the AbTrakUpdate.exe

Instructions for separate OMT utility download:

1. Save the installer (link on left of this page) anywhere
2. Run it and install it to your AbTrak folder
3. It creates a Desktop Icon
4. It has built in Help - see button on main window


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AbTrak Setup

Download AbTrak Setup/Update

Run the setup. New program files will be written to the selected folder.

one Month Tank Utility Setup

Download OMT Setup Program


27 May 2023

Scenario Projection via Excel (was called Tim's Tool a while ago) was out by one month in writing the monthly growth rate. That has been corrected, along with cosmetic improvments.

Import and Export of Growth rates was clunky. It has been improved somewhat and includes more appropriate messaging.

30 Mar 2023 OMT has been expanded to include much more data on each tank for each day of the month.
It was primarily Morts, but now includes Trans Out kg and Ab Wt, Trans In kg and Ab Wt, Harvest kg and Ab Wt, Flags for Restock or Empty Tank, Tank Density as well as modelled biomass Nominal Ab Wt and Nominal Quantities. Ideal for exporting to csv and viewing and filtering in Excel
21 Mar, 2023

Updated the behaviour of the Trans Out transaction when it is Processed: specifically the Reset Ab Wt tick box below.

If checked, behaviour is same: the tank's nominal Ab Wt is taken to be that entered just above, which then affects biomass.

If unchecked, it was doing nothing to the tank, except removing some biomass and quantity.

Now, if unchecked:

if Transed Out Ab Wt is greater than the nominal tank Ab Wt, then it adjusts the remaining nominal Ab Wt down.
If Transed Out Ab Wt is less than the nominal tank Ab Wt, then it adjusts the remaining Ab Wt up

Either option then changes the Biomass from what you'd expect from just subtracting the Trans Out kg from the Biomass

Reset Ab Wt Tip

Note that this change will affect all processing.
If you have been putting biomass or Ab Wt adjustments in (because Trans Outs were not adjusting those weights) then those adjustments may need to be modifed or removed.

25 Feb 2023

New feature in AbEx: Ability to reset AbWt or Biomass to a fresh value.This requires an update to all main applications, AbTrak, AbServer, and AbEx using the setup program

Abex Weights

29 Nov 22

Especially when a tank is graded, a single Trans Out event can result in different size Abs going to different tanks. This window lets you choose the TransOut tank and date then set up related Trans In events to any number of tanks, each with a different average Ab Wt.
Matching Trans In/TransOut transaction pairs are written, each with a specific ab wt. These transactions acan be edited then in the usual way.

Multi Trans Outn a


20 Nov 22

New Feature: Where a weight of Morts is known, across a range of tanks and a range of dates, this feature will read the data from a spreadsheet, determine the number of Morts to be assigned to each tank and write the necessary transactions. Find it under the menu Operational Activities


8 Nov 22

Added Report and Send To (eg to Excel) for all tanks incl Empty on given date

Tank List

11 Oct 2022 The List Empty Tanks report was not correct. It was using a CohortID=0 to identify if a tank was empty. It has been revised to use Calculated Biomass=0 to trigger a tank as empty. The tank listing may still show a cohort, but the cohort has been fully removed. So Biomass is a better indicator than CohortID
11 Aug 2022

The Utility referred to in 21 July below has been made more flexible, allowing a choice of the transaction types from which the Ab Wt data is sourced.

Stock Report (Cohort Summary for a month) has been modified to allow export to SQL in the cloud. This data then becomes permanent and is available for historic and trend information. Yumbah clients contact Louise because a credential file is needed for each farm.

Stock Report gives an Average AbWt per cohort. The new analysis uses data from each and every tank, adding Min Ab Wt, lower quartile, Median, upper quartile, and Max Ab Wts for the cohort (... plus Standard Deviation). These can be included in the usual Stock report but are not right now.

Another SQL utility is an export of all Transactions to SQL, as requested by Louise of Yumbah

Non-Yumbah clients should call Tom with respect to the SQL side of things because separate data bases are required to maintain confidentiality

21 July 2022

Utility that looks at the Ab Wts of stock Trans In and Harvests, summarised on a monthly basis for a selected cohort. For each month it records the Max Ab Wt, the Min Ab Wt, the average, the median, and the standard deviation of the recorded Ab Wts.

View Report > Cohort Transfer Summary

13 Oct 2021 Removed the One Month Tank Utility from AbTrak and created a separate executable and installation file downloadabale from this page.
This is because the utility is likely to have frequent upcomting changes and its best not to have to update AbTrak every time.
2 Oct 2021

Day by Day For a Selected Month has been totally rewritten, given the need for accurate summary data of more than just Morts.

For each tank, on a given day, it uses Tank Detail (TKD) data for biomass, sizing etc. But if there is no TKD record on this day it follows the growth model to interpolate that data.

It produces a data line for every tank for every day in the selected month, regardless of whether the tank is stocked or not. This means that on the spreadsheet a given tank is always on a given line.

Only actual morts are used. Not the Mort Model. Growth is now daily differential, not cumulative.

In the browse table, Empty tanks do not show because each line is linked to a cohort, eg GLH 19. An empty tank has no cohort link, thus not line is displayed. But on export to Excel, these lines are included (blank)

6 Sept 2021

An accumulation of updates over the last year or so.
This only installs Abtrak, not AbServer or AbEx, and does not affect your data

Updates to what was called Tim's Tool and now called Long Range Projection
Daily Summary for a selected month. FInd it under View report > Day byDay for a Selected month
Extra Column in All Tanks Summary to show last Trans out date
Made a slight change to the Show Empty Tanks table because Chris told me it was sometimes wrong. Happy to have feedback on this.

Plus various tweaks and corrections

Nov 15, 2018


Bug Fix: Cohort Stock Summary gave a spurious result for the Ab Weight (g). The calculation was totally stuffed. Fixed.

Version number now starts at 11. All executables have been recompiled in Clarion 11, the latest release of the development software. This always makes it easier for forweard development.

This installer does not load any data. Program files only, but never trust what I say: Always back up your .tps files before updating.

June 10, 2018


Improved Tim's Tool. This is the Excel spreadsheet that projects forward and allows you to enter potential harvest quantities. The sheet determines tank numbers, so the harvests can be tailored to optimise tank use.

This update allows you to also vary the monthly growth rates going forward, given that seasons vary significantly and growth rates may be above or below usual.
Additionally there has been an improvement in the layout, presentation, and behaviour of the sheet.

There has also been an update to the User Guide, accessed from the File Menu.

March 4, 2018

Ver 1.01.28

Utilities > Restore Data from Backup was crashing on at least the file named Action. This has been corrected. However this procedure still generates Assertion Failed warnings on many files, to which you should click Continue, (not Close Program).

Jan 30, 2018


New menu option: Check for Updates under File Menu. Looks to the web site to see if there is a later version of the program, and allows download of the installation.

User Guide installed as a an executable prgram, called from File Menu

Something of a work in progress, Tim's Tool in the Projection area. You set optimal stock densities for the cohorts and Tim's Tool invokes Microsoft Excel and spits aout a sheet that allows you to set Harvest quantities and the spreadhseet shows the number of tanks required for each cohort and total number of tanks. Thus predicted harvest quantities can be adjusted in advance to keep farm's stock densities about right.

June 15, 2017

A TransOut transaction (of say 4.6g AbWt) with a consequential TransInRestock did not carry the exported AbWt (4.6) to the restock operation. Instead it used the nominal weight from the source tank, which may be quite different.

This has been fixed and a utility at the bottom of the Utilities menu added that corrects all existing transactions with that fault. (Then re-process)

April 13, 2017

Added column in Stock Report for Cultivated Area of each cohort (along with Std Tank, Tank Density etc)

Update to Abex barcode window, improving the usability. Mainly, when 4 digit barcode is read, focus jumps straight to Morts.

Feb 10, 2017

In Projections, the process was taking growth and mort rates from one month off. In checking and fixing this, I found that if a cohort year class was say 30 Nov, then the month count was changing on 30 March when it should have been 31 etc for all 31 day months. Rectified that as well.

Jan 18, 2017

Modified the Growth Table browse:
- Added Edit in Place option to simplify adding a whole column of Growth % or Morts
- Added column Age to display alongside existing Month number: eg Age 6 is Month 7 of growth.
- Added more decimals to budget weight, because the calculation lost accuracy at later months due to rounding errors in earkly months
- added the Send To button, so it can be printed in a range of formats

View/Report > Empty Tanks now has ability to print the list.

Added Tank Count to a number of windows with a list of Tanks, incl Empty Tanks, so you can see how many tanks are listed.

Dec 10, 2016 Difference Log (BioDiff.tps) was only writing one record! Fixed - and updated this download
Dec 9, 2016

Added Ability to Process to a non-EoM date, Process from last EoM figure for each tank, as well as from previous restock, and ability to process a single tank or a range of tanks. Note that the last option may make your Stock Report Inaccurate.

Implemented Hamish's idea of a log of Difference between Actual Biomass and Model Biomass. This is triggered when a Harvest - Empty tank or a Trans Out - Empty Tank is processed. View/Print/Export the Log from View/Report menu (bottom)


1. Reworked the Processing to:

- Write 1 and only one EoM record into the Tank Detail file for each tank (unless an Empty Tank and Restock occur on that day)
- Prioritise daily transactions to ensure that they get executed in a logical order and, on an EoM, that the correct transaction gets to write the official EoM record (and not multiple entries!).
- There were bugs where if a tank was restocked mid-month, the processing did not always pick up whether the restock was using actual Morts or the Mort Model. The results was that EoM figures for say June were not always the same after later months of processing. This was fixed and I did a lot of testing with test data and KIAB data until I am sure the processing is correct. This table lays out the transactions and priorities.

Priority Order


Write Tank Detail (TKD) Record

1 First Performed




Empty Tank on Harvest
Empty Tank on Trans Out



Trans Out






Trans In Restock



Merge Species



Top Up (Trans In)


8 Last

Reset Species
Reset Weights
Adjustments to Weights


Allied to this, Processing can now only be done to an EoM date, not any in between date.

2. Added several detailed Mort Reports that display data in Browse Tables that can be exported to a variety of formats, especially .xls. See screen shot below
This is a new 3rd party feature that is easy to add to any browse and I think we'll use that a lot more in future and also revise the way older exports are done.

SendTo Window


3. AbTrak has been rebuilt in the latest version of our development software, Clarion 10, from Clarion 8. It also has a built in awareness of Microsoft Office, that makes it possible to program output or input to say Word or Excel. There is one Utility in AbTrak that uses that now, at the bottom of the Utilities menu.(below)

Print To Excel

4. All screens have had a make-over to make it easy to distinguish the new version.

5. In earlier AbTrak, the Month in Growth Tables referred to the Age, so 10% in Month 7 meant 10% growth when 7 months old.
In this version, Month 7 is the 7th month of Age (which is aged 6). At the end of month 7, the ab will be 7 mths old, but not during that month. A consequence of this is that older data may need growth and mort rates shifted by one month in the growth table. I can assist with this if necessary.

6. All Executable programs are now Windows Certified, so Windows doesn't whinge so much (Do you really want to run this? sort of message)

1 September 2015

Major update has been addition of tank barcoding to the Abex units

Many other minor updates since 2012.

7 March 2012

The Sizing (eg 80g) of a Harvest now is taken into account for the Ab Weight of the remaining stock. (eg if 60g, harvesting 80g will reduce the average remaining stock size). Ditto with setting Ab Wt for a Trans Out.

Warning on Trans Out Transaction if the consequential Trans In Restock is not an empty tank, or doesn't have an empty tank transaction.
If TransOut date changes, so does date on consequential Trans In
You can now Empty Tank and Restock on same day without probs
Complex transactions on one day now are better prioritised automatically. 1 Morts, 2-3 Trans Out, Harvest, 4 EmptyTank, 5 Restock, 6-7 TopUp Merge

Abex Unit now displays Mort Notify Quantity, and last 7 days exceeded amounts in Red, non-exceeded in black

Processing was not going back far enough when trying to re-process transactions of a tank's previous stocking. Fixed this. So if you have dodgy looking tank details in October 2011, you can setr the processing date to Oct 30, 2011, process, then reset the date to curremt and re-process.

2 December 2011

Changes implemented to:

Increase accuracy of Ab Weight in projections esp when < 1 g. (Does not affect Biomass)

Using 31 (of any month) as Year Class date forced changes to allow correct processing and correct projections.
(not all months have 31 days, so have to increment the Age in Months at EoM regardless of number of days in month, rather than on the 31st day of the month. Previously if the day matched, the age went up by one.

29 Nov 2011 Minor change: Projections use Cohort Age based on Year Class exactly, not middle of month age. Clarification msg on Projection saying figures are EoM, and on Budget Weight Report saying figures are months from Year Class Date. Now recommend that Year Class data should be also EoM so that figures are directly comparable.
11 Nov 2011 Added the ability to duplicate a scenario.
1 Nov 2011 Ability to project up to 24 months ahead. The report only prints up to 12 months ahead, but the csv file which can be opened in Excel displays projection data up to 24 months ahead.
17 Oct 2011

Slight mods to Abex.exe Movement Out and In
If Trans Out is zero, it is made equal to the sum of the consequential Trans Ins
Removed confirmation prompt on Trans In when saving or updating.
If TransIn kg was primed to be negative (eg if Trans Out=0 and the first Trans In > 0 ), it is now set to zero instead

Confirmed that multiple Trans Out movements could be performed on a single tank on the same day with different sizings

8 July 2011

Modified AllTanks Summary Report
(View/Report Menu > View Tank Details by Cohort).
Requested by KIAB

Added Columns:
Date Restocked
Tank Density per square metre
kg Harvested since the last restock

Removed Mort % and Growth %

24 June 2011 If Biomass adjustement was followed by a Morts transaction in the same month, the adjusted Biomass was lost. Fixed.
May 26, 2011

Abex tablet program now well developed. Supports the extrenal data gathering of Morts, Harvest, Trans In, Trans Out, or balanced movement between tanks.
This data is transmitted via radio link to the AbTrak server where it can be checked, modified if necessary, then imported as transactions in AbTrak.

Initial reports from Coastal Sea Farms and KIAB indicate a huge saving of time and man power in getting data from the farm to the AbTrak system. Workers find the tablets easy to use and are postive about them.

Also: Amended AbTrak data check to try to assign action (eg TopUp or TransInRestock) to unactioned transactions based on their content

Documentary Notes:
When Abex sends transactions to the server, it removes them, except for the last 12 days worth of Morts which is needed on Abex to show the last week's morts as data is collected on each tank. Abex actually saves removed transactions into an archive, from which they may be rerieved if it is found necessary to re-send them for some reason.

Refined the data transmission on Abex. Specific transaction types are sent separately in optimized record structures, raising the quantity of data sent in one go from about 7000 records overall to 12000 Morts, 10000 Harvest, and 8000 Movement.


Feb 4, 2011

The action on a transaction is now set on the table, before clicking Insert. When inserting a transaction, it remembers the previous action and date.

Jan 13, 2011 Put Next Tank, Previous Tank buttons on the Transaction and Comments in the same way as the Tank Details
Jan 11, 2011 Updated version
Dec 19 2010

New Version of AbTrak - referred to as AbTrak 2.

AbTrak had to be recompiled into the latest version of our language to enable the network or radio import of externally collected data.
In doing so, we put all program requests, revisions and bugfixes since October into this version (with the exception of the Dec 13 fix on the older version)

What you need to do
1. Do a backup of your existing data in the current AbTrak
2. Download and install AbTrak 2. It will go into a folder named AbTrak 2 by default, so as to not over-write the existing program.
It should put short cuts to AbTrak.exe in the AbTrak 2 folder. Otherwise add your own shorts cuts.
3. Copy your backup file from AbTrak into the AbTrak 2 folder.
4. Run AbTrak 2, and go to menu Utilities > Restore date and open the existing backup.
5. Then go to menu Utilities > File Checking and run a file check.

The data should automatically convert to the newer format. You will see some update screens flash by.

If you have any trouble with this, get onto us.


Program Layout - Transactions, Viewing Tank Details, and the new Tank Comments all come from the single button Tank Activities.

Reports - Use View/Report Menu for browsing and reporting on your data.

For each tank, processing will re-process only back to the last Restock of that tank. This shortens processing time significantly.
Before importing data into AbTrak 2, make sure you are happy with previous restocks, because AbTrak 2 won't go back to them. If there is any question about this, get on to us at CaRob.

We have added an optional item, Batch Info that may be added to a Restock, Topup, Reset Species or Merge transaction. This is text that gets processed into the Tank Detail summaries and is displayed in the tank summaries.

Processing has been improved to automatically handle the species ratio in mixed tanks in Trans In

Tank Detail Table

Colours: Empty Tank shows as Pink row, Restock as pale blue. The yellow lines are End of Month.
Note in above data the ratio change at 23 March to to trans in of 50 kg of 0.5 ratio GLH. 'Sample' is the batch Info.

Tank Comments
You can make dated comments on specific tanks. This may relate to operational actions taken beyond what is recorded in transactions or other events. These may then be printed. These comments also appear on the detailed Morts report, because they may have a bearing on significant mortality.

New Reports
Cohort Stock Summary - End on Month Summary for a single cohort over a range of Months. If using tanks of mixed species (eg GLH) you can optionally ask to include data from the G/L (or HYB) in GLH tanks in the G/L summary (using the calculated ratio).

Mort Reports
Monthly Summaries over selected tanks over a selected date range
Detailed summary for a single tank, including any comments, over a date range

Save Transactions and TankDetails to an Archive. The data to be saved must be at least 18 months old. It will no longer be available for reports, and cannot be restored to active status. It can be viewed.

We suggest that before using it, you should do a full backup of existing data at least annually so if you need to see 2008 data, you can restore it and view it.

The main aim of the arhive is to thin down the transactions and tank details because growing data sizes impact on processing time and screen performance times.

Data collection using an external computer
An operator collects mortality data directly into a field computer. That computer can directly interact with AbTrak to send the Mortlaity data into AbTrak. The AbTrak operator may view that data, edit it if required, and move it in as actual transactions ready to be processed.

The data connection is a network link, that most conveniently would be a radio near the server.

(We refer to the external data gathering computers as ABEX units - as in ABtrak EXternal data gathering)

At the moment (Dec 19) the Abex program is waiting for testing on a rugged mobile PC. There may need to be screen changes etc. When Morts are working successfully, we can look to extend Abex to harvest or other operations.

More detail on Abex when we get it bedded down more.

Dec 13 2010

Stock Report was not giving cohort summaries for Oct or Nov. Bug fixed.

New version of AbTrak will be posted before Xmas.

Oct 5 2010 Sept 20 fix was checking species and year class date rather than year classXX, eg checking if G/L 1/10/07 existred in cohort file instead of checking if G/L 07 existed in cohort file.

Sep 202010

When entering a reset species transaction, program never warned if resulting cohort was not in the cohort file. If resulting cohort not in the cohort file then processing incorrect for that tank. Program now advises of problem and gives advice to user to add the cohort to the cohort file and process again.
Sep 13 2010 When entering a trans out transaction, if you do not specify the kg to be trans'd out (ie you leave it as 0.00), Abtrak will automatically make the trans out kg equal to the sum of the consequential trans in transactions to other tanks.
Aug 4, 2010

Restock operations at end of month was writing two records for the tank, one with incomplete data, leading to discrepancies in Stock Report, Pricing and other summary data. Fixed.

Also, amended Utilities >Data Check to clear tank detail records if the Age was 0. Hopefully won't be needed if above fix is OK.

June 24, 2010 Harvest Summary report was not doing 12th month. Fixed.
May 20, 2010 Added Check box, Reset Source Ab Wt, to Trans Out transaction, and adjusted consequential processing
View Empty Tanks did not check for empty tanks in transactions since last processing date. Amended
Browse Empty tanks not checking the latest transactions to see if an Empty Tank had occurred. Fixed
Harvest Report Page Overflow. Fixed
Transaction window going astray. Fixed
Apr 18, 2010

Refinement: A Trans In on an empty tank (but not marked as Restock as it should have been) was labelled as a Merge transaction. When processed, the tank had no known cohort to merge with so the new cohort was unknown. Have now modified the processing, so that a Merge on an Empty tank is treated as a Restock and the cohort is known.

March 23, 2010 Bug Fix: Projection calculation of Nom Wt was wrong after a Trans In. Fixed
March 6, 2010

New Report: All Tanks Stock Summary for a selected date- alpahabetical on tank.
Addition to Forecasting Action: If you Trans In, you can also set Nominal Weight (g). Processing will then do a weighted average to determine the new Nom Wt in the forecast,
Bug Fix: Stock Report harvest total was picking up any harvest on the day prior to the current period, giving wrong result. Fixed.

Feb 1, 2010

Harvest report totals correct but breakdown not listing all the categories. Fixed.

Jan 27, 2010

Glitch in scenario section where age in months not being calculated correctly resulting in incorrect calculations and no growth after approx 46 months. Fixed.

Jan 12, 2010

Harvest Reports and the harvest and mort figures on the Stock report were not consistent in their cohort totals. This is because they were based on tank running totals. These running totals are inaccurate when a cohort changes mid-month or when stock from a GLH is identified as G/L or HYB when harvested.

Now all harvest reports and totals gets their data from the transactions which are accurate. Compare Harvests in the following reports.


Harvest Report was not showing figures in the last month (although totals were correct) - Fixed

Stock Rpt
In particular, the Stock Report Harvest and Morts are both accurate for each cohort.

Harvest Report dates now are remembered when you return to this window.

Harvest Window

Dec 10, 2009

Bug Fix: If Reset Species was on End of Month, tallies such as harvest were not being reset properly.

Reworked Resizing on BrowseTransaction and BrowseTankDetail

Nov 28, 2009

Added a utility to reproduce a species growth/mort rates to any new species. Find it under Background Data> Growth Mortality Rates and button View Edit Rates

Nov 27, 2009

Further Refinements

Getting ratios correct when transfering stock between mixed and pure tanks.

Bulk harvest window shows tanks of related mixed species

Cohort Summary page lets you move from date to date with buttons at top of window.

New Transaction type: Reset Species allows you to over-write species eg turn GLH into G/L. Reorganised Browse and Update transaction forms as consequence.

Bug fix when Select cohort broo=ught up Select harvest Destination. Fixed.

Refined processing of transactions to get rid of multiple records at earliest date.


Nov 17, 2009

Significant Update

Harvest Destinations: Now each harvest transaction can have 1 destination, not multiple. If a tank's harvest goes 2 places, then it needs 2 transactions.

New data entry window: Bulk add Harvest. You select Cohort, Date, Destination and a window opens showing all tanks with that cohort. If harvesting G/L then GLH are also shown. You may enter the harvest from each tank and each one is written as a transaction when you Save and Exit.

Harvest report: For any 12 month period, but especially this financial year and last fin. yr. Print monthly harvest for each cohort by destination. Totals on each cohort per month, all cohorts by month, destinations by month. Report will optionally create a .csv version.

Changes to Transaction Button. Many activities now relate to transactions so have put in a window with buttons to most of the transaction type activities.

Window with a table displaying mm vs grams for selected species. On the button with the Ab icon, right hand side of toolbar.

Added sizing as a characteristic of harvest. eg a particular harvest may focus on 90 gram ab, give or take. This is recorded whenthe harvest is entered. For bulk harvest entry, it is set as default and may be over-written for any tank. So far no report or display of this in any summary.

Nov 11, 2009

Bug fix: TopUp on a Restocked tank should have been treated asTransInRestock.

Bug Fix: Process All was creating extra records on the base date of each tank if it was an End of Month. Made TankDetail unnecessarily large.

Do a Process All after updating. This will remove unnecessary records.

Oct 31, 2009

Major Change - date linked Growth Tables

The Growth table (with Monthly Growth and Mort %) is now date linked. This means you can alter growth or mort rates for current data, but retain previous rates for older data so when you Process All with new rates, the old data is still processed how it has always been.

- After down loading this version, go to Background Data > Growth Mortality Rates to see an empty list of dates.
- Add a date 0 (that's right: zero) to the date list. Then use the View Edit Rates button to see your existing data.
- Go back to the date list and Change the 0 date to something like 1/1/00. This date will then be linked to all your existing growth rates.
- To add another set of growth data, Insert a new date that the data will operate from, andf go View Edit Data. This action will duplicate the data from the previous data set.
- You may then edit individual month's growth or morts rates.

When processing all, it starts with the earlier dated growth rates, but if the process date gets past the date at which a new set of growth figures is set to commence it then switches to the later set of data. You may have any number of dated sets of growth rates.


Warning if Trans In to tank with apparent mis-matched cohort
When adding consequential Trans In (on a TransOut transaction) the cohorts needed to be exact match, or you couldn't do it. Now you get a warning, but are able to accept any cohort.

Date lists - added non-EoM date
Cohort Summary and Stock Report have a date list to pick from. Has been End of Month (EoM) dates, even if processing has been to non-EoM date. Have now added the non-EoM date to the EoM list if that was the date processed to.

Morts Export to .csv
From Export Menu > Export Morts. produces .csv with Dates in colums, Tanks in rows and Morts in body of the table. Easy then to produce date oredered graphs by tank.

Bug Fixes:

Bulk Add Morts would get its data tangled if the date was changed.
Have modified this to 2 windows: First select the date, then go to the main morts window.

Change of Behaviour:

When doing a new projection Scenario, base data was not showing until you'd specifically done a Project. It now shows base data straight away.

Changed "Tanks used" to "Tanks Active " in the projection options.

Sept 10, 2009 Changed algorithm for calcaulating months. Makes liitle diff to calculations, but displayed ages are down by one month generally.

Stored process target date in abtrak.ini
Re-enabled process button if date is selected.

Aug 28, 2009

Bug Fix:
Multiple trans In on same day was not calculating the ratio correctly for a mixed species tank

New Processing:
Recalculate Ab Weight when transferring in a fresh batch with known weight

New Transaction:
Set Ratio. If you wish to set or over-write the ratio in a mixed tank, it is now available as a Transaction Option
Do a Process All after that.

Aug 21, 2009

Bug Fixes:
- Growth rates were out by one month. Most noticeable with young stock where monthly differences were significant.

- A new projection was not removeing the previous data

Do a Process All after updating

Aug 19, 2009

- Display ab weights to 1 decimal place of a gram in tank details and cohort tank detail tables.

- Show average ab weight at bottom of cohort tank detail

Aug 17, 2009

Bug Fix:

Processing was sometimes reading the cohort incorrectly giving incorrect growth rates. Fixed.

Do a Process All after updating AbTrak

Aug 6, 2009

-Set/Print Budget Weights.

New menu item off Background Data enables user to generate budget weights for a species based on a 6 month weight using the growth percent figures. A report prints the figures in an easy to read tabular form.

-Trans Out - Trans In.

Starts with a Trans Out transaction and follows the links to where that lot of stock has been transferred to.


Ratio displays for mixed species in various browses and reports.
Other minor changes to reports.

Aug 4, 2009

-Major changes to entering transactions.

New entry screen. All transactions must have an Action Identifier eg Trans Out, Harvest, Morts.

All internal transfers of stock should be done via a Trans Out of one tank, and on the same screen, list the associated Trans In(s). Like double entry accounting. Use Trans In only for stock coming from an external source or nursery.

Trans Out-Trans In will identify based on species whether the transfer is a Top Up (eg from G/L tank to G/L tank), Merge (eg G/L t+ HYB = GLH), or Restock (moving into an empty tank). Allowable merges must be listed in a table under the Background Menu. If not in the list, movement between species is prohibited. Movement between year classes is always prohibited.

Old transactions without an action identifier are listed as Not Specified. If editing them, they must have an Action identified, and some older transactions that combine actions eg Morts with Harvest need to be separated in separate transactions. If not edited, a Process All Transactions will use the old code to process them as before.

- Bulk Add Morts

One screen that allows 60 tanks' mort data to be entered for a single day. Scroll through to next 60 etc. Automatically writes transactions. (Fixed bug where it was creating multiple copies of the transaction. Sorry Tim!)

- Took Confirmation Window off Delete Transaction. If you hit delete on a transaction, it is now gone.

- Other small changes

June 22, 2009

-Fixed problems associated with entering more than one transaction on a day.

- Put green bar on browse transaction and browse tank detail windows.

- Included the ability to enter actual biomass and actual weight to one decimal place.

- Still To do: A lot of data validation to be put into transaction entry, especially in regard to Trans Out, to check whether the consequential Trans In is logical, to turn a tank into GLH if it becomes mixed etc.

May 22, 2009

-Fixed inconsistency between Stock Report and Transaction History wrt Harvests. (stock rpt was not counting harvests when emptying a tank mid-month. It was using EoM figures only)

- In transaction history, moved harvest value foward to 1 mth after the harvest

- Reworked parts of transaction processing to tidy up aspects of Empty Tank and Restock

- To do: A lot of data validation to be put into transaction entry, especially in regard to Trans Out, to check whether the consequential Trans In is logical, to turn a tank into GLH if it becomes mixed etc.

May 20, 2009

- 'Add All Dates' button provided for Scenario Actions
- New Report - List Transactions (by type) on a selected cohort for a selected Month, 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month period.
- Bug Fix: Check boxes on Projection Report
- Bug Fix: Was Double Counting some data in Stock Report
-Other minor cosmetic changes

May 18, 2009

First version provided via web download.

Tank Transaction TransOut now asks for destination tank(s) and allows quantities to be entered. This creates Trans In transactions automatically for those tanks.

Projections Projections work from existing tank records forward, on a monthly basis, based on projected harvests, changes to tank numbers, and stock movement in or out.

The projection computes by cohort: biomass, tank densities, ab weight, ab numbers, nominal stock value and harvest value on a monthly basis.

It produces compehensive reports modelled on the existing spreadsheet (History and Forecast). It also allows printing to .csv for use in Excel.

You can do different projections, referred to as Scenarios. A single scenario may be designated the Budget scenario. A new Stock Report (based on current EoM figures) shows the variance from the Budget scenario for the same date.

To do yet. A utility to archive ageing data