TPS Data Files

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TPS Data Files

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This section is not necessary for typical SportsTrak users


This list shows all the working files in SportsTrak.  Many may not be used depending upon the carnival configuration.


TPS Files in a Data Folder

TPS Files in a Data Folder


Key Files


Stores the working age groups of your carnival, which can be actual ages or year levels.

Ages are drawn from RealAge.tps.  Year Levels are drawn from YearLvl.tps



Stores user-defined Age Groups (which we heartily discourage because people don't do it right and it is usually not at all necessary)


Basevent.tps The library of events


CompList.tps The Competitors, pre-entered into events


DayDtail.tps The carnival settings


DayRecs.tps Records set today


MassFile.tps and MasEvent.tps relate to Massed Results Entry


Results.tps Event results


Schedule.tps he program of events


ScoDiv.tps and ScoDivAg.tps Relate to the settings for Divisions


Scoresys.tps All the scoring grades and place points


Standard.tps Standards scoring table


Student.tps  All students


WorkTeam.tps  Stores the working teams of your carnival, which can be houses or forms.  Houses are drawn from Team.tps.  Forms are drawn from FormGrp.tps