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Setting up BookIt for a new academic year

The step numbers in this guide apply to BookIt3 but the logic also applies to BookIt 2.

BookIt! requires:

1. Its calendar extended for another year
2. Holidays marked in and term days marked in
3. Timetable templates updated and applied

The previous year's data can be retained, especially if you need to run summary booking statistics from it. However, if it is not needed, removing a year from the start of the calendar will remove all associated bookings and reduce file sizes on the network.


Log in as Administrator, then Use the Setup Guide (4th button on toolbar) to:

1. Go to Step 3: Check Calendar, Extend the Calendar by adding 365 (most years) or 366 days (for 2016, 2020) .

2. Go to Step 4: Mark out the Calendar. Holidays in BookIt mean 'no classes', so you may wish to include professional development days etc. Make sure you have all your relevant dates at hand (Term dates, Public holidays, Curriculum days etc)

3. Go forward to Step 11: Set and Apply Timetable Templates. You need timetable information for rooms that have classes in them.

4. If you want to get rid of the previous year, do it at Step 3 of the guide, Reduce Calendar, by taking 365 days from the start of the calendar.