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SciList Overview

School Science Department Stock Management System.

Has also be used as a stock management system for a Uniform Store, for Library consumables and for general stationery supplies within an organisation.

SciList has been used in schools across Australia since 2007. It has been gradually changed and improved with user feedback and suggestions.
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    1     Menu Structure
    2     Manage Stock
    3     Browse Stock
    4     Stocktake Activities
    5     Create Orders
    6     Manage Orders
    7     An order
    8     Manage Stock
    9     Search Stock



Simple to install and manage
Network Compatible
Vista Compatible

School science laboratories contain a plethora of equipment and apparatus, tools, consumable items, learning aids, and chemicals that require management. Management tasks include storage of items, being able to find them, accounting for them, performing stocktakes, ordering new and replacement stock, maintaining class sets, dangerous goods lists etc.

SciList provides school science technologists with a tool to perform these tasks and allows general staff to view and print lists via the network. SciList maintains a list of all stock held by the science department. The stock can be organised by location, e.g. a room, and by sub-location e.g. a specific shelf in the room.

Stock can be grouped into one or more categories, e.g. glassware, electrical, junior science, consumables. Stock can also be grouped into one or more disciplines e.g. Physics, Chemistry.

Equipment used solely by the laboratory staff can be listed in Prep Gear and is not visible to general staff, but still available for stocktake.

Stock items can include a description and a photo.

SciList can perform a keyword search to locate specific items.

For stocktaking, SciList provides tick sheets of stock items listed by location or category with expected quantities. Actual quantities can be entered into SciList which can then produce written orders for restocking.

Orders received can be marked off, so outstanding orders can be easily seen. SciList remembers suppliers, product codes and prices of stock items so re-ordering is simplified. Chemicals have trigger levels set. At stocktake, chemicals below their trigger levels are flagged for re-ordering.

SciList provides Supervisor and Operator levels of access. Operators are usually general staff who require view-only access to most data. However, the Supervisor may change their privileges if desired.

1. Main Menu showing the drop-down functions under each menu.



2. Lab technician manages all stock through easy-to-access screens and menus.

Stock can be categorised, associated with disciplines and locations.

Keyword searching enables stock to be quickly located..


3. Browse Stock

Easily see locations and quantities

Add description to aid in keyword searching

Locate item in list by typing letter by letter using a progressive filter



4. Stocktaking

You are led through a logical sequence...

Print checklists, enter stock counts, automatically produce a re-order list, check and revise re-order quantities if required, create orders, and save stocktake results to archive.


5. Create Orders

Use live link to Supplier's wesite for product checking.


6. Complete ordering system

Print orders to paper or to .pdf and email to Supplier.

Record quantities received, print list of items on backorder for selected date range.

Record invoice details for orders, and use to calculate expenditure for selected date range.



7. An order.


All reports print to screen and can be saved as .txt .pdf or html files.



8. Import your existing data from Text File


9. Searching stock by locally assigned categories and disciplines