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SportsTrak ® Specifications

SportsTrak is an interactive database of students, teams, events, and scoring system woven into a well structured package offering flexibility, versatility, and reliability.

SportsTrak is designed to run InterHouse or InterForm, InterSchool, Zone Athletics or Swimming Carnivals or Cross Country Events

Setup wizards provided to guide the setting up of each carnival.

Each carnival is set up in its own folder (e.g. Aths2009; Aths2010, etc.) and each may be accessed by a simple changing of data path. Work on any number of carnivals at once.

Student data is able to be imported from a text file from a student database or can be manually entered.

A student's Age Group is automatically determined, based on a date set by the coordinator. If Year level data is entered then students may be promoted at end of year.

Unlimited number of teams or houses.

It can operate in any of three modes:

A carnival is based on either Age Groups or Year Levels.

Scoring for individual events can be:

Usually, the entire program is based predominantly on Normal or Standards, but they can be mixed.

Normal Scoring can be based on up to 26 Grades e.g.:

Points accrued go to Teams and to the Individuals, thus determining Team and Individual Championships and placings.

Scoring system may be changed and all scores recalculated any time during or after carnival.

Sub-divisions within the overall championship can be set by the user. E.g. you may want a Junior Championship based on all 12Yr and 13Yr scores of both Genders.

Automatic or Manual Sorting of placings. Results may be recorded by entering competitors' performances and having SportsTrak sort them into placings. Sorting can be automatic or on demand. Alternatively, places and as few or as many performances as you consider important may be recorded.

A library of event types is provided and which can be edited and supplemented e.g.:

Each event on the program is composed by selecting from lookup tables of


Lanes may be specified for all teams in all events. Lanes can be set fixed or rotating for any number of events and manually over-ridden.

Final Types can be:

(where N is a number specified during event entry e.g. 2 per Team)

Finalists can be seeded into lanes based on team Lanes or in a VEE formation with best heat result in Lane 5, etc.

Competitors may be pre-entered into events, for printing on program and marshalling slips.

Team Members can be entered in Relays for printing on a specific Relay Members Report.

Historic data

Extensive range of reports - All Reports print to paper, screen, disk, text, .pdf or .html

Massed entry mode for Trials and Cross-Country allows all students to have a performance recorded for them in any number of event types, without having to call up an event number.

Fully networkable for competitor pre-entry or during results entry using multiple computers - Spread the workload over multiple computers working separately or network them

Import Program of Events and Records from earlier versions of SportsTrak or from text file

Export Students to text file

Easily Publish to a Website: the program, competitors, records, results etc.

Export best performing competitors for import into another carnival, e.g. export best performers from a House carnival, and import them into an Inter-School program, into the appropriate events.

Archive feature allows whole carnivals, or partially set-up carnivals to be saved and retrieved.

A comprehensive User Manual is provided



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