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Working with Windows Vista

This advice covers SportsTrak, BookIt!, and other CaRob applications
While referring to Vista, this advice also applies to Windows 7

Q. Does Windows Vista make any difference to CaRob applications?

A. It can. Vista will not allow changes to be made to any file in the Program Files folders or the Windows folders. SportsTrak, BookIt etc are database programs that require files to be changed constantly.

Do not place our applications in the Program Files folder, because they will not run.

Do not place any programs or data in the User folders, because other users won't be able to find it when they log on.

We suggest that applications be placed in: C:\SportsTrak, C:\BookIt etc. SportsTrak's data folders of carnivals are best placed inside this folder.

Since the July 4, 2007 version, SportsTrak places the .ini file SportsTrak.ini in the SportsTrak folder now, not the Windows folder as previously. This file contains information such as the current data path.

We suggest that if you have a version of SportsTrak prior to July 2007, and you are going to run it on Vista, that you download the latest.
If you are the only user on that machine, the earlier versions will be fine keeping the above points in mind.

If you are running an older SportsTrak, Vista will force SportsTrak.ini into C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Windows. Different users will then experience different settings and potentially see different data. An upgrade to SportsTrak 2100 is advised.