Backing Up



It is important to maintain backups of your data. Most servers have a backup regime, but it requires technical support to recover the data, which is not always available when you want it.

We provide a utility BIBackup.exe which is designed to run under Windows Scheduler to perform a daily backup. This backup is accessible to a BookIt administrator to easily restore from.

When a significant change is made to the BookIt data (e.g. creating a new calendar or adding new resources or timetable templates) you should also make an ad hoc backup from the Input/Output menu.




Is a Window-less automatic program that makes a rolling backup of your data each day.

It creates an immediate single file backup of all of your working data.


The data files are named

BIData Mon.tps

BIData Tue.tps

BIData Wed.tps

BIData Thu.tps

BIData Fri.tps•

BIData Sat.tps

BIData Sun.tps


through seven days, then repeating.

These backups automatically over-write the previous week's data file.

Data restoration is done from the Single File Restore utility in BookIt.


Setting up BIBackup under Windows Task Scheduler


As an administrator on the BookIt server...


Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Task Scheduler > Task Scheduler Library


Create a Scheduled Task

Create a Scheduled Task


Create Basic Task...


Give it a name

Give it a name


Name it, then next...


Trigger Daily

Trigger Daily


Every day at some time

Every day at some time



Start a Program

Start a Program



Specify BIBackup

Specify BIBackup




Here are the backup files on my machine...



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