BookIt questions

BookIt  Operation

I make a booking in BookIt but it doesn't show in NetBookIt. (or vice versa)


BookIt does not respond.  I try to open a window but BookIt hangs.


When I Apply my Templates to the bookings, the permanent bookings do not show up on the booking grids


How can I backup my data regularly?                


Trying to make a booking but BookIt says this session is being booked by another person. I can’t free it up.


BookIt  is in Demo Mode even though I have paid for it


Can I change the timetable structure for different categories?        


Can I change the names of the days for one specific Resource or Category?


BookIt  Configuration

Victorian Education Department.  Setting up a Tier 1 DMZ for NetBookIt.


Victorian Education Department.  Setting up a non-Tier 1 DMZ for NetBookIt.


We are migrating BookIt to a new server. What do I need to do?



Internet Explorer 11 - NetBookIt does not work properly

BookIt works fine making a booking, but NetBookIt can give an error on the same booking. It seems to depend on the resource being booked.        


When trying to start NetBookIt as a service, I get this message.  


NetBookIt3 Service failed to start

Can’t start service.

Error = The system cannot find the path specified. (3)

Name = [NetBookIt3]


Browser hangs when a booking is attempted in NetBookIt        


NetBookIt: Booking Error when clicking on Update in the booking grid, more usually on some items than others.  The same booking works in BookIt.


record not found: (5) Error 0: from key BOO:ID_k        




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