BookIt Configuration File

BookIt records the positions of windows (among other things) in a file called BookIt.ini or BookIt2.ini or BookIt3.ini depending on which version you are running.

Sometimes this file gets a ridiculous number stored in it for a window location and is opening the window “off-screen” so to speak and  it appears as though the program has locked.

The <ESC> key will often restore control to the user (by closing the invisible window), but not solve the problem.


The solution is to find the .ini file and delete it.  The file is always on the local machine, not the network.


The location of the file depends on your windows version, bookit version, and whether you are an administrator on the PC.


It may be in



Or something like the following ...

C:\users\tom\appdata\local\virtualstore\windows folder


It is probably best to search for bookit?.ini across your local drive and delete any you find.

There is no critical data in the file so don't worry about deleting it.

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