Locked Session

When a booking is being made on a specific item, the fact is recorded in a file named LockSess.tps.



I'm making two bookings right now, one in NetBookIt, one in BookIt.  Here's what is in LockSess:



The first record with the IP address as User is NetBookIt.  The second record is BookIt.


If another user tries to book the same, BookIt checks LockSess and finds that I have priority on those items.

When I close the booking form the relevant record is deleted.

But if I don't close the form, that record stays there, blocking other users.  BookIt should ignore that block after 10 minutes, assuming that I have forgotten to close the window.


Cut to the chase, will you!


Delete LockSess.tps from the BookIt folder and you won't be blocked.






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