BookIt and NetBookIt Data Locations

NetBookIt Data Location

When you are running NetBookIt you have no choice about where the data is located.  NetBookIt always looks for data in its own folder, i.e. the folder containing NetBookIt.exe.



BookIt Data Location

BookIt by default finds its data in the same folder as the program BookIt.exe, which is also usually the same folder as NetBookIt.exe


It can be configured to find its data anywhere on the network as shown below.


Setting Data Location

Setting Data Location


While this can be configured, there is usually no need to do so.  We recommend that, if possible, do not have Path Activated ticked.  Just have BookIt.exe (and the other .exe files) in the same folder as the data.



The potential problem is that BookIt can be pointed to a different folder than NetBookIt is using.  Both programs work fine, but bookings in one application do not show up in the other.


To address this,

oMake sure the BookIt being run from your shortcut is in the same folder as NetBookIt

oDelete the file Datapath.tps in that folder so that BookIt has no alternative path to look in. Then regardless if Path Activated is ticked or not, BookIt will be looking at the same data as NetBookIt.






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