Data File Issues

Data problems are of two main kinds

 1. Corruption of the Data File

 2. Relational Integrity issues.



1. Corruption of the Data File

This is rare in SportsTrak and non-networked software.  It is more common in BookIt running on a network.  If a network connection is closed before a data record is fully written to a server then the file can be corrupted.  The corruption may be an incomplete record written, a duplicate record written, or an index (key) out of sync with the data records.  See also File Sizes.


The program usually stops with an error message that often identifies the offending file.


TPSFIX is a utility that repairs most file corruptions, except duplicate records

Duplicate records can usually be fixed using the File Manager Utility in SportsTrak and BookIt


2. Relational Integrity issues

This occurs when a file is placed into a folder, or removed from the folder so that the logical connection between the tables is broken.  It is due to human intervention, accidentally or intentionally.

The program runs perfectly; the data just looks illogical.


The only remedy for this is to restore the entire data set based on a recent complete backup.



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