Massed Entry

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Massed Entry

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What is it?

Massed Entry is an area of SportsTrak that allows you to quickly enter results for a given event type for any student, without having to worry about the age group or gender. It can be used with multiple computers working with shared data on a network, so if you have to enter hundreds of results in a couple of hours you can spread the work load.


These raw results can then be used as the input data for a program of events.  This means that if students are competing in a cross country, or performing trials, you don't have to choose which age/gender event they should be in.  SportsTrak works it out.


Performances may be entered as

       Just a performance e.g. 12.7   12.3   14.7

       Just a place:        1 2 3 4 5 ....

       or both the above.



How can I use it?


Example: Selecting an Inter-school squad

You need competitors for an inter-school age group based carnival.  You use Physical Education classes to obtain trial performances from each student.  These performances are entered in the Massed Entry area, over several weeks, for different events.


In SportsTrak, you set up a program of events as used in the inter-school carnival.

After entering the Trial performances under Massed entry, SportsTrak can choose the best performers by age and gender to enter as competitors into the events.

You can then edit these competitors and print lists to help the organisation of your squad.


The trial results can also be fully scored as if they competed in their programmed event.




Competitors run the cross country and are given a place and perhaps a time.  The results come to a small network of computers and are entered using Massed Entry.

These results are processed into an age structured program of events.