Carnival Preparation

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Carnival Preparation

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SportsTrak is most commonly used to manage Athletic or Swimming Carnivals.  This chapter covers the basics of setting up these carnivals, prior to Results Entry.


Cross-Countries are covered elsewhere in this guide.


SportsTrak's Carnival Logic

Broadly, you create a carnival in a particular folder.  Other carnivals go in other folders.

(These folders are best placed inside the SportsTrak2200 main folder, and should be backed up.)

Once you have a carnival set up eg Aths 2014, that folder can be copied from year to year saving much hard work.


Your first carnival...

Start with an existing data folder such as SampData in SportsTrak.

Copy it and rename it eg Aths2014

Clean out data you don't want

Set carnival parameters such Year Level vs Age Group, scoring rules, scoring system

Check house or team names and codes

Set carnival dates

Create a program of events

Import students

Allocate student to events as competitors (optional)

Run carnival and enter results


Subsequent Carnivals...

Copy Aths2014 and rename it eg Aths2015

Clean out students and results

Import Students

Allocate student to events as competitors (optional)


and you are ready to roll with the carnival.


Use the Wizards

All of those steps above can be daunting.  ST2200 provides different wizards for different carnival types that step you through all the important steps.

Start the Wizard window using the Wizard Hat button on the toolbar BtnWiz


Wizard 1 is the guide through a typical Aths or Swimming Carnival and is a pre-requisite understanding for other use of SportsTrak.  The rest of this section of the user guide essentially follows the steps of Wizard 1