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Results Reports

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A large range of different reports are available during results entry.


Otherwise they are all accessible (along with a few others) from the menu Carnival Reports



Various reports available from Results Entry

Various reports available from Results Entry



All reports print to screen, and you may choose to print selected pages.


Key Reports

During the day

Brief Team Scores (2 above) gives house totals

Records set today (10 above) gives the day's records

Results of Selected Individuals (14 above).  If you want to see what a specific competitor has achieved during the day (eg Mum has come up and asked)


At the end of the day

Team Results/Scores (3 in above screen) gives an age group breakdown of house scores.

Division Results/Scores (11 above) for team score based on the Level Divisions you may have created.


Level Champions

Champions Report (4 above) lists level champions.  It lists the highest scoring individuals per level. But take care with it. Where you have different grades of events you may find the highest score has accumulated B grade points and should not actually be the champion.

Use it with Results of Best Individuals  (8 above).  The latter report gives a breakdown of where your highest placed competitors achieved their points and it lets you pick any discrepancy.


Champions: Field/Track Combo (7 above)

In Athletics you may have certain Track/Field criteria that the champion must meet, (e.g.  must be in 5 events and at least 2 must be track and at least 2 must be field)


Champions: Separate Track and Field (5 above).  Athletics Only.  Separate Field Event Champions and Track Event Champions


Champions based on best x events (6 above).  Where the championship is decided on the best 5 events (or whatever number you want)


Best Performers (9) gives a list of the best performers for each event type.  This is very useful as the basis of your inter-school squad. It amalgamates results from different events as long as they are of the same event type,  so if you have 100m A and 100m B, this report looks at all performances and lists the best. Even if your carnival is based on Year Level, this report can give the best performers by Age Group, which you may want for your inter-school carnival.


The reports are quite varied and most are the result of users' requests.  If you have a particular need contact us and we can possibly add extra reports, especially if your request may be useful to other users.