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Setting up BookIt 3

BookIt 3 is downloadable and includes NetBookIt3.

Download and install:

The installation includes full documentation in .pdf format. On the initial install, it runs as a Demonstration Version.
The demonstration version is limited to 4 resources in 2 categories, and the calendar may not be extended. Apart from that it is fully functional and you may test its capabilities.

The administrator's password is demo

Registration procedure:

1. Fax (03 5523 5144) or email an official order (on approval) to CaRob Computing. Include a contact person's details and email address.

If you have BookIt then BookIt3 is at the upgrade price.
If you have NetBookIt then NetBookIt 3 is at the upgrade price.
If you order both, then the combined upgrade price is discounted. See Pricing

2. CaRob will send registration files for BookIt3 and/or NetBookIt3 in the name of your school or organisation.
That will give you around 40 days to use the program. If you order BookIt 3 only, then NetBookIt will continue to work, but only as a demo.

3. When we receive payment, you will be emailed a registration code. After entering it, BookIt and/or NetBookIt will be licensed software.