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BookIt 3 - NetBookIt 3 Installation

  • If updating, Make a Backup of your entire BookIt folder before running the setup!
  • Download the Setup program
  • Download the Installation notes
    • These include instructions for converting earlier versions' data.

Read the installation notes, particularly with regard to data conversion if you are upgrading from BookIt2 or earlier. The setup provides a fully functioning BookIt 3 in Demonstration mode, with full documentation in .pdf format. See Registration procedure.

The administrator's password in the demo version is 'demo'

Updating an existing BookIt3

When upgrading from an existing BookIt 3 always back your data up for security.
Then do a Program Only install.

Installation Overview

For more complete notes, make sure you download the .pdf referred to above.

Run bi3setup.exe


For first installation of BookIt 3, choose Full Installation.

If, at a later time, you are updating your program, but keeping your own data, choose Install program files only.




Usually, accept this folder.

You may easily rename it, or move it to a server later yourself.

Install4  Install5

Folder Tree

This folder tree will have been created on your computer.

The full user guides for BookIt3 and NetBookIt3 are in the Documentation sub-folder.

All images used in BookIt or NetBookIt will go into the Web/Images sub-folder.