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This version is now superseded by BookIt 3

Updates to BookIt 2

Feb 2, 2010 If a Category is password protected, the reports from the booking windows (daily or weekly) are also password protected.
Sept 2, 2009 Recurrent Bookings: The date limit that limits forward booking was also limiting admin users. An admin user can now book ahead regardless of the limit.
August 17, 2009

New Report- A selected user's bookings over a selected date range. Button on the Resource Tree Window available to all users.

Ability to Apply Multiple Templates at once if the template name corresponds to the resource name, following the format in this example:
Resource: G2
Template: G2 Template
This is how the Import Template process names them, so this is very useful if you import a bunch of rooms from the timetable and want them all bookable.

Change: Single week booking report chnaged from landscape to portrait.

May 18, 2009 Linked Bookings - now displays any existing booking and it is obvious that it can't be booked.
Nov 24, 2008

Added lines around the 3 column and 6 column reports in Daily View to aid readability

Fixed bug: When more than 16 sessions, single item daily view showed reason to the right of booking, but was not clearing on scroll action.


Nov 24, 2008 Bug in Integrity Check. Was not checking the number of the booking session correctly, causing some bookings to be erased. Fixed.
May 20, 2008 Forgot to update BIShow.exe. Fixed in current update.
May 17, 2008 Bug Fix: Since Mar 30 update, BookIt was ignoring the constraint limiting the number of days ahead that bookings could be made. Fixed
May 12, 2008 Change log was not displaying full user name- fixed
April 6, 2008

BookIt 2.6 - The changes in the last week make the appearance and functionality sufficiently different from previous as to require a change in version number from 2.5 to 2.6

If using NetBookIt, it must be updated (from this site)

Changes to Booking Grids
All cells are at least 28% wider, displaying more detail in each cell.
- Session labels are wider showing full session name
- In Daily View, if 3 or less resources shown, cells are wider again. If 1 resource only: the cells have an accompanying text displaying (as appropriate) Room, Room Freed, and the memo.

April 4, 2008

New Utility: Duplicate a Category Allows you to create a new category with all options and sessions identical to an existing category. Called from a button in the Categories and Resources window.

March 30, 2008

New constraint: Prevent Bookings After Certain Date. (The constraint is found on the Category settings in BookIt).
If you download this BookIt update, and are using NetBookIt, you must update NetBookIt also.

New Option in Timetable Import: Allow sessions to be negotiable or not, depending on a setting in the import text file. (The import window shows how to do it.)

Applying Template Casualty Log: When applying a template, existing casual bookings are usually overwritten. You may now write a log (as a .csv) of lost bookings so you can communicate with affected staff.

Resource Description appears on Booking Form for user to more easily notice.
Some windows resized.

Room Freed was not being copied during Drag and Drop operations. Fixed

Nov 14, 2006

New utility: Swap Days and their Bookings.
This utility allows 2 days to be swapped on the calendar, with all bookings, permanent or casual. Use it when the school has one-off swaps to the timetable. Find it under Administration, Utilities.

Bug fix: 3 column daily booking report. 3rd column didn't show all booking details. Fixed
Minor change: enlarged the Resource Tree slightly

Aug 14, 2006 Department lookup on the Booking form was only showing 4 chars, not 8. Fixed.
July 30, 2006

BookIt 2.5 - Contains a range of new features, improvements and changes to accommodate the release of NetBookIt

NetBookIt cannot work with the earlier releases of BookIt!

Changes in BookIt! 2.5
Recurrent Bookings - book same session multiple times based on days or timetable cycles.
Book multiple sessions in a day
Linked Bookings changed to a tab on the Booking Form
Department field has been changed from 4 to 8 characters to allow more flexible codes.
A resource may be set to be View-Only by administrator. Users can look but not touch.
Daily view scrolling goes 7 resources at a time, not 1 at a time
A data path option allows data to be in a separate folder to the program
BI.exe may be run as a kiosk application

Other modifications

Daily Reports have been altered to show the full memo field contents. Previously they only showed the first line of the reason (memo field) if at all.

The web publication has been changed and corrected to produce compliant HTML code

Full details are available in this pdf document.

May 18, 2006 Bug Fix: Using templates to timetable linked resources on to the booking sheet was not working. The parent resource was booked OK, but maybe only one of several linked items also was booked. Now fixed so any number of linked resources can be timetabled with the template of the parent resource.
April 23, 2006 Bug Fix: Filtered Bookings Report was not working if given a group or department. Fixed
January 31, 2006

Bug Fix: Booking Grid, Daily View , Row 13 Column 4 was not responding to mouse click. Fixed
Bug Fix: If a booking had Room Freed field and you tried to delete it by blanking the user, it insisted on some entry in the Room Freed field before you could exit. Fixed

October 2, 2005 Bug Fixes: Timer update giving incorrect cell colours in the weekly view if a week was partly too far ahead to book and partly OK to book. Also found that if another user deleted a booking, the timer update did not drop that booking from the display. Both fixed.
June 4, 2005

Bug Fix: Linked Bookings not working under some circumstances but OK at other times. Fixed

May 3, 2005

Slight Resize of the Category and Resources window
Bug Fix: A memo could be set to be required, but not force the user to enter anything.
Bug Fix: A long category name did not display properly on the daily booking button.

April 2005

Minor tweeks and internal checks
When applying timetable template, checks TT days are correctly marked on calendar
Backup path length increased to 255 characters
BIShow was showing sessions in order of session number, rather than display time. Fixed.
Message somtimes recurred when attempting a booking: "Session being booked by another user" even when not. Fixed.

September 2004 New Features
Booking grids can now display up to 16 sessions in a day without scrolling

A new class of booking has been added. As well as permanent (mauve) and casual (yellow) bookings, BookIt now has a negotiable booking, coloured green. This is set in a timetable template, and marked as locked (becoming permanent - mauve on the booking grid) or unlocked (becoming green). It's purpose is to indicate that someone has been timetabled into a room, although the specific features of that room may not berequired. The occupier thus may be happy to do a room swap. Statistical reports have all been altered to count negotiable bookings.

Multiple templates can now be applied to a single resource on the booking sheet, retaining existing timetable data if desired.

The old BI.EXE has been re-incarmated. It is a small executable program that calls the same booking sheets as BookIt, with less mouse clicks, smaller file size, and less distracting buttons.

Queries can now be saved

New utility to restore all windows to default positions. In rare circumstances, windows can get lost, off screen, and BookIt appears to not respond. If this occurs, hit <ESC> to close the errant invisible window, and run this option from the Utility menu.

BIShow can now have its window resized to suit larger monitors, automatically scaling the text.
BIClose now delivers a warning message for users, before it closes them down.

Staff field in timetable was 7 characters. This has been raised to 20 characters to match the staff field on the booking sheet.

Bug Fixes
In Query window, the reason field was not functioning as a search items. Fixed.
The resource tree lost track of what category it was on when switching between daily and weekly views. Fixed.
When returning from printing reports from the booking sheets, the resource details got tangled. Fixed.
Linked bookings checkboxes on the update form did not reflect the actual bookings. Fixed.

July 25, 2004

In Resource Tree, when making a booking, if a specific resource is highlighted, only that resource is shown on the booking grid. If the category is highlighted, all resources are shown.

Bug Fix: If a resource was holiday bookable and a holiday date was selected, the booking grid opened at the start of term (unless logged on as administrator, when it worked OK). This has been fixed.

Linked bookings: In the booking form, the table displaying linked items did not reflect any current bookings. It now displays the linked items with a tick if they are booked by the user for the session, unticked if not booked or booked by another user.

Resized some screen controls.

Mar 18, 2004 Printout of daily booking sheet showing wrong day label, though correct date. Fixed
Mar 17, 2004 Refinement to import timetable data to template. Previously data had to be ordered by room, now data can be in any order, eg by session number. Also faster.
Feb 18, 2004 Bug Fix - Session Labels in Weekly View - If more than 10 sessions, after making a booking, disappeared on scrolling. Fixed
Feb 08, 2004

New Utility - Import Template From Existing Bookings - can be very handy when going from Ver 1 to Ver 2 because old templates do not work in BookIt 2. This utility lets you read booking information back into a template.

Options for the Category password - A category could have password previously, but now you can choose whether it is required for Casual Bookings, allow access to Permanent, or both.

Additional Documentation in pdf (Acrobat) format
Recent Changes - extra features not in current manual
Documentation for data conversion from BookIt 1 to BookIt2

Feb 02, 2004

Bug Fix:
Making or changing a booking after Applying a Template gives a "transaction error" message. Could only be remedied by closing Bookit and reopening.

Jan 30, 2004

- Added button on resource table in Browse the Resources to sort them alphabetically
- Buggy message that can occur sometimes: "The value of Start of Year's calendar must be higher than 2000". Fixed
- Double Click on Category-Resource tree now behaves same as BookIt 1, rather than opening booking window.
- Remove sample data utility now takes out the fixed day in a cyclic timetable structure.
- Linked Bookings report not printing sufficient comment - fixed
- No scroll bars on apply template tables - fixed
- Data integrity check not picking up orphan templates - fixed

Nov 10

BookIt 2 Only:
Fixed bug in Nov 5 update that only allowed one network user at once.

Nov 5, 2003 BookIt 2 Only:
File Conversion from BookIt 1 now works automatically
Right Click on Changed bookings in Daily View now brings up change log
October, 2003

Total upgrade of BookIt! New file structures, new features, based on feedback from users of last two years. This version must be purchased as an upgrade. It cannot be downloaded onto an existing installation.

Read about the changes

July 11, 2003
When re-applying a timetable template to the booking sheet, previously timetabled sessions were not removed. Now, applying the timetable will clear any timetabled sessions if they are not in the template.
Apr 14, 2003

A resource category may now be set to require a reason.

Applying timetable: Timetabled resources now have an option of not being locked to users. i.e. users can overwrite if they need. Applying timetable also offers option of also booking linked resources

New reports in weekly view and daily view giving summaries of resource bookings, by day or by week, in a list format.

Bug fixes:
Backup could crash if a file ResTypeTemp was missing.
When updating a booking, the last set of details were not cleared. Now they clear after a short time period.


Apr 02, 2003

Number of Days Ahead that can be booked now takes account of holidays
Export to text option added under BookIt Utilities. Bookings for selected dates are exported to Bookings.txt

Apr 01, 2003 Added check box to allow the application of a TT template to first remove existing bookings or not, as chosen by user
Mar 06, 2003 Changed the regenerate option logout-commit to save more frequently. Prior to this, regen could bog down
Feb 17 Added utility to ensure resource sessions are 1,2, case they ever get out of kilter and disturb screen display
12 Feb, 2003 Same weekly bug (8/2) was in weekly printout. Fixed
8 Feb, 2003

Bug Fix:
Weekly View was not showing correct label for the week Fixed.

Major Update

January 2003

New Module (BIShow) to display current session bookings on a full screen.
Drag'n'Drop bookings on booking grids
Step by Step setup guide
Search facility across all bookings
Password a resource category so not everyone can book the resource
7 Day display on weekly view if needed
Up to 7 resources displayed on daily view (up from 5)
Reports adjusted to accommodate 7 columns
Option for administrator to require users' names to be in a list
Ability to import users' names if above is utilised.
New Report showing linked bookings in detail

plus other changes

Sept 25

Bug Fixes

Sept 3 2002 Added ability to force users to enter a consequential room vacancy
Aug 2002

Ability to prohibit bookings or changes on day of booking.

June 2002

Ability to select a specific day for bookings, rather than default to today.
Resource Categories now allow unlimited sessions per day (99 max actually)
On resource window, Booking Regeneration is automatic if a change is made that affects the sheet. Manual Regeneration can be done from a menu option.
Rearranged Menus

May 20, 2002 Support for Cyclic Timetables added, including ability for any day(s) to be fixed (eg Thursday is Day 6, others rotate 1...5 )

Added ability to request booker to enter a consequential room vacancy when booking. eg Class books computer lab for a period, so they free up their timetabled room.

New report prints out consequential room vacancies on a daily basis.

The field "Reason" on a booking has been generalised to allow the administrators to define their own term, on a category basis.

Linked bookings are now not automatically remembered. Booker must explicitly make linkage each time.

April 28, 2002

New Report from Print Button on Daily Bookings
- prints grid with resources listed down left side, with User and / or Room

New Utility under Admin Menu - Make Batch Files
- creates batch files to run BookIt.exe or BI.exe when called by hyperlink on an intranet

- Manual updated, available here in pdf format

April 14

Introduced new smaller executable BI.exe to handle bookings only

  New manual - reorganised, extended, indexed
  Ability to import group names
  Reorganised Menus
Mar 21 Crash after printing weekly bookings when day 5 was start of holidays. Fixed
Mar 19 Alteration: Print one day's bookings for a category listed them in different order to that shown in window. made them same.
Mar 19 Bug Fix: Reason for booking not displayed in weekly view
Mar 19 Development Environment updated. New DLL's required to run with the BookIt .exe program from this date. Contact CaRob via email. new dll's
Feb 4 Bug Fix: Session 6 Thursday was not bookable in weekly view
  Ability to name weeks of a 2 week cycle (eg Week 1 Week 2)
  Ability to identify the week number 1,2,3,4, etc in the term, or semester
  A resource category can be set up to take a reason (eg for a library booking) or a room (for a mobile resource)
Jan 28, 2002 In setting timetable, added ability to store a TT entry for use with drag and drop
Jan 3, 2002 Significant changes, main ones below
  Changed from 8 sessions max per day to 10
  New print-outs for daily bookings (new button on daily bookings window)