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SportsTrak 2200 Changes

SportsTrak 2100 did most of what most users required, so why update?

Various reasons: No context help, difficult to learn from scratch, increasing use of Meet Manager and consequential data transfer issues, settings in different places, difficulties with entering data such as standards for example, many screens too small on modern computers, included features that tended to confuse users...

This version addresses these issues and others by

while retaining full file compatibility with ST2100.

We suggest you run the installation program and look at it yourself. No registration is necessary to run it as a slight restricted demo.

Some of the changes:

 Integrated Help System - context sensitive on may windows.





Web Help - Compiled help (above) cannot function over a network, so web help is available from the Help menu. Click here to use it.




 All carnival settings are now on one window, not three as in ST2100




 Wizards guide users through nearly all major tasks



 Open events now have a Lower Age limit.  eg Open Yr09 to Yr12 (or 15Yr to 21Yr) 50m Freestyle

This makes it easy to set an event as Open, but still restrict it to certain age groups. It makes for better compatibility with Meet Manager


 More information in Results Entry Window

Res Entry


 Lane management has been totally reworked



 Ability to Import Student Data from Excel Spreadsheet (an alternative to the text file method)




 Import/Export the Program of Events from Excel.  Allows bulk editing or major modifications in Excel




 Setting Standards is now straightforward through an import/export from Excel




 Setting Score Systems can be done via an import/export from Excel





 Will import a Meet Manager Swimming EV3 file to which competitors can be added and allow creation of a MM SD3 import file


 Will import a Meet Manager Track & Field EV1 file to which competitors can be added and allow creation of a MM TXT import file


 Export Student list to Excel


 Send program of events to MS-Word


 Carnival.tps export file can now have a different file name


 Many screens are resizable and remembered


 Several key tables allow user definable fonts selection


 All screen sizing, placing, and fonts can be reset to default


 Wizard window can be set to open automatically when SportsTrak opens.


 New Data folders are by default placed inside the Program Folder, eg C:\SportsTrak2200\SWim2013


 Creating a new data folder prompts for Carnival type and creates appropriate default files


 Creating a new data folder allows you to copy an existing folder


 Non-existent previously used paths are automatically removed from the list of choices



 Long Term PBs and Personal Results

 Additional Records

 Auto-generate Program of events


 User Defined Age Groups. Most users do not need this and it causes headaches with data portability.

ST2100 compatibility

To accommodate the changes to lanes and the lower age limit we have stolen 7 characters from the Other Info field of the program of events. In ST2100 each event could have 35 characters of other information.  In ST2200, this is reduced to 28 characters.

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