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Updates to SportsTrak 2100

Mar 13, 2012 Change to Non-Participants report.
Now prints competiors with events entered but no result or DNS for at least one of the events entered. Now prints competitors who miss any event, previously printed only those who missd all events entered for.
Mar 12, 2012 SportsTrak now exports relay teams to next level of compettion even if team code does not match
SportsTrak was not exporting relay team names if the school code from the level of competition did not match the school code in the setup for the next level of competition. Changed the behaviour to be compatible with the export of a team to Meet manager run carnival.
Feb 16, 2012 Bug fixed in Expanding Events
Some kids did not get their event number adjusted after an event moved down the program, causing problems. Fixed
Feb 8, 2012

Bug fixed in Student import.
Dates of Birth in 4 digit year format would come in as year 2019 if month and day were single digit.
eg 1/7/1997 would import as 1/7/2019. (1/07/1997 or 01/7/1997 or 01/07/1997 would be OK).

if you don't want to update, format as 2 digit year, replace all /19 with / in the student.txt file. Formatted as 1/7/97 always works OK in prior versions.

Feb 6, 2012 Widened Events table to display Other Information
Modified the transfer of best competitors into an interschool program to allow for OPEN events. The process will include eligible students younger than the nominated Age Group if the event is OPEN.
Modified Warning Message in Clear Data Window so that multiple responses are not necessary.
Modified Print Program window to make it a bit clearer, especially when printing Additional Items
Feb 3, 2012 Some reports did not show a full 12 character student code. Fixed
Cosmetic changes to the Input/Output menu. Regrouping some items and addition of some icons.
Dec 23, 2011 Modifications made to the Wizard which guides the user through the steps for creating a squad for the next level of competion from the results of a carnival. The final step now includes the option to create a CARNIVAL.TPS file containing your squad. This file can be sent to the "Meet Manager" organiser of the next level of competition. Two new software products EMU_Aths and EMU_Swim (available from CaRob Computing early 2012) are able to convert CARNIVAL.TPS into a form which Meet Manage Athletics and Meet Manager Swimming can import.
July 18, 2011 Additional Items on the Program of Events were not printing if they came after the last event. Fixed.
May 4, 2011 User request for a report listing all students who competed at the current sports carnival. Menu item Carnival Reports > Students with Results.
Apr 29, 2011 If SportsTrak crashes on incompatible old data, it will now look for its data in the program folder the next time SportsTrak is run. (Rather than repeatedly trying to work with incompetible data and crashing on that data.)
Apr 12, 2011 If using the combine carnival data option to combine the results of two or more carnivals with different student databases there were on rare occasions problems associated with clashes of student codes between the two data sets. Fixed.
Apr 8, 2011 Made change to allow more than 999 placegetters in a single event.
Apr 1, 2011 Modified the report which exports results to a text file (RESDB.TXT) to include the code of the student competitor.
Mar 25, 2011

New Report:
From Carnival Reports Menu

Champions based on Best Events

This gives the best performers based on their best results over a specified number of events. eg If they went in 7, but you want their best 4 to count towards the level championship.

Mar 21, 2011 Fixed glitch involving anonymous competitors in web page displaying results of events.
Feb 28, 2011 New Report: Students without a Result - found under Carnival Report at Bottom
Useful in those carnivals where full participation is expected.
Feb 9, 2011

Minor bug in creating SchoolTeam.CSV to give to schools to enter their competitors. It was not always giving the correct number of lines per event, when viewed in Excel. Bug Fixed.

Also changed so headings appear every 20th line, not for every event.

Jun 17, 2010 Minor bug, default value of day:basedon not being set resulted in error message. Fixed.
Jun 1, 2010 New feature, Export Competitors to Text, enables the user to produce a text file of events and competitors capable of being conveniently imported into a spreadsheet like Excel.
Mar 12, 2010 Extra code in check setup routine to ensure that agegroups are consistent with long term settings. Can now access the window where the number of competitors for interschool competition are set without having to go through the wizard.
Mar 4, 2010 Bug: Marshal sheets with lanes set would repeat a student code when no competitor was in that lane.
"Do you want to save?" message removed from Assign Lanes to a Range of Events
Feb 23, 2010 Minor bug not allowing the preparation of an interschool squad based on the results of a school sports. Only of concern to those using user defined age groups.
Feb 17, 2010 Minor bug Multiple Refdates by Date of Birth appears blank even though it may not be blank.
Feb 11, 2010 Added student code to marshall slips and corrected some minor printing bugs
Feb 9, 2010 When creating the school team for the next level of competition from the results of a house sports, SportsTrak was giving "Invalid Record Declaration" message and crashing. Fixed.
Dec 11, 2009

Take Care in 2010 with versions. This version will read earlier versions' data but not vice versa.

Reference Date for setting student Age Group can now be dependent on the students' Date of Birth.
For example: 31st December for those born on or prior to 31/12/96 and 30th June for those born after.
Go to Carnival Setup > Carnival Settings and tick Use Multiple Reference Dates
Then go to Background > Multiple Reference Dates by DoB to set dates.

Blank entry sheets (nomination forms) can be grouped by Track then Field rather as an alternative to purely event number sequence.

New check box on Carnival Settings - Program contains A Events Only
If checked, the A for the grade does not appear on most print outs.

Warning: File changes in this update mean that prior versions of SportsTrak cannot read data from this version. This version will be able to read prior versions, but not vice-versa.
Consequently, if you send a carnival to other users based on this update, those users must be using this update also. This particularly applies to inter-school carnival organisers who might send a carnival.tps to the participating schools.

Nov 5, 2009

Following a successful round of training activities in Western Australia in October, we have responded to key requests.

Reference Date for setting student Age Group can now be dependent on the student's year level.
Go to Carnival Setup > Carnival Settings and tick Use Multiple Reference Dates
Then go to Background > Multiple Reference Dates by Year to set a date for each level.

New report computes level champions from a selected number of Track and Field Events
Go to Carnival reports > Best Combined Track and Field Individuals

Printing Blank Entry Sheets. You may now select A events only.

Added Student Code column to Track event Marshal (Judges) slips

Various changes to Locators, Lookups and other small changes

Aug 5, 2009

Last version before file format changes that can create incompatibilities between users with different versions. If all users have this or earlier Version 2100, there are no compatibility issues.

Added student code column for student lookups in Competitor Entry. This allows the identification of students as competitors by using their student codes.

Added to web pages: Best scoring competitors. It now shows best 4 competitors per age group.

Variation of import program. The import was creating its own event numbers, not using what was in text file. Fixed.

Apr 30 , 2009 Stucco was not working with new VSSSA age groups. Fixed
Feb 4, 2009 Added ability to arbitrarily set lanes to competitors: Go to Carnival Setup > Work with Lanes
New report: Recorders Slips: Prints Results Sheets by Lane for use by time keepers on any single lane. All Lane 1 are together etc.
Prints 2 slips per page. Can be guillotined and stapled for each lane. This option is available from the Marshal/Judge Slips window under General Reports.
Mar 18 2008

Relay heats were not being promoted correctly to a final: fixed
Student code in All Results Report extended to fit.
Minor changes in Lane setting, where if team name changed, it may not have shown it when setting lanes: fixed

Feb 10, 2008 Updating an event: Drop list of Age Groups now drops to 14 rather than 10.

A Type Finals: Check box to allow you to Not Print them on the program of events.
These are the finals that aren't actually run, but used to sort competitors from different heats, based on performance.

Check set up now checks events on the program and alerts if they are of a different carnival type to the type of carnival being run. Eg if there was a swimming event on an athletics program.

Check Setup now checks settings to make sure a carnival type is A, S or X.

Age group browse box is better behaved. Set to not remain editing on enter, tab or arrow down. Now prevents any more than 14 age groups.

More meaningful messages are given if user tries to enter results for an event which has incomplete details
eg event has no units of measurement, or if the event is Swimming when carnival is Athletics.

Can now change the carnival type in carnival settings after results entry has commenced. A warning is given that this may cause inconsistencies and that user should run the Check Setup utility.

Aug 20, 2007 New Report: Track and Field Scores: Age Group (or Year Level) breakdowns, by gender.
See Carnival Reports > Results Reports > No 15.
July 4, 2007

Cross-Country Utility (STUCCO) improved data entry speed, one new report, plus minor chnages to others.
Previous performance now displayed on a number of competitor reports
Bug Fix: House numbers report was limited to 8 age groups. Now does 14 (the maximum allowed)
Enhanced appearance in XP and Vista

SportsTrak.ini now located in the program folder (SportsTrak), not in Windows. This change is necessary for Vista compatibility.

If installing SportsTrak under Vista, don't put it into Program Files. Leave it in C:\SportsTrak.

Feb 13, 2007

Bug Fix: Lanes weren't being set to each competitor correctly. Fixed

Under utilities menu, a new option to reset all lanes as per the team settings.

Data Check utility checks for more possible discrepancies

Dec 12, 2006 Bug Fix: Since Nov 21, 06, inserting and age group or year level caused a crash. Fixed
Nov 21, 2006

Bug Fix: If first event is OPEN, Blank Entry Sheets prang on Print Preview - major nuisance. Fixed

This bug was introduced in March 2006. Earlier versions don't have the bug.

August 28, 2006

Changed the way Sportstrak writes a performance time to schoolteam.csv and reads it back.

Time must now be stored as a number without punctuation
eg 12:34.56 (12min 34.56 seconds) is to be stored as 123456
01:23.45 is stored as 12345
00:23.45 is stored as 2345
00:23.50 is stored as 2350 and so on
If times are to be typed in to schoolteam.csv, this is the format to use.

Previously, Excel converted to its own format, dropping trailing zeroes.

August 8, 2006 New Report under General Reports - All Competitors and Events, an alphabetical list of all competitors with their events.
Bug Fix: If more than 30 heats exist in a program, the processing was dodgy - Fixed.
June 28, 2006

Changes to STUCCO
  - slightly altered reports, date and time added, 1st Raw Results report breaks on gender
  - Error message on Clearing Data fixed
Setup wizard for Cross-Country led to an error when printing Marshal Slips - fixed
Carnival Setup > Remove Selected Data - modified appearance

May 27, 2006

Improvements in Massed Results area (Cross Country): Larger windows, locator clears automatically.
Prevented windows from permanently being re-located. On rare occasasions this caused them to disappear from the screen, causing consternation in the camp.

April 20, 2006 Added a utility to assign specific lanes to each team - useful in inter-school carnivals where schools compete as a cluster, but competitors are identified with the school. not the cluster.
April 4, 2006 Bug Fixes:
Importing relay teams from schoolteam.csv was not working correctly - fixed
Mar 30, 2006 Bug Fixes:
Printing results didn't do relays, if only one team was selected.
Print results of selected individual sometimes gave error: Duplicate Mstudent.
If a data set was password protected, changing path to that data set did not require the password.
If you opened in a data path that was password protected, you could change data path unless you knew the password.
Blank Entry Sheets not printing all events for an age group sometimes if Open events in program
Competitors & Events Report was not printing all competitors unless All Events was selected.
All Fixed
Mar 25, 2006

Bug Fix:
Marshal slips weren't printing multiple pages properly.
Add all eligible competitors option now modified so it doesn't do it for finals
Report: Competitors and Events 4 per page, now offers Alphabetical or by Year/Form/Surname grouping

Mar 15, 2006

Bug Fixes:
If Autosort was activated during results entry, exiting Results Entry via the red cross crashed SportsTrak and possibly gave false scores.
Text export of results,
ResDB.txt, did not produce a full set of events
Occasionally, when trying to add names of relay teams to a relay event, the button was disabled.

All fixed

Feb 22, 2006

Minor Bug Fixes:
It was possible to insert an event without an age group or year level
You could delete a place in set scores table and get locked in a nag message loop requiring <ESC> to break.
Event & Competitors Window: Left hand browse box not wide enough.
All fixed

Display the current carnival name in main window blue strip

Feb 12 & 13, 2006 Bug Fixes:
If you unexpectedly left Results Entry, you could find your computer is locked out of that event, and the load button would not load the correct event
- Fixed
(immediate work around is to delete the file: LockedEvent.tps from the data folder)
Cosmetic changes were made to the result entry window
Landscape blank entry sheet was listing only 16 events maximum, not 30 as it should - Fixed
Feb 7, 2006

Bug Fixes:
Printing program of events sometimes went in strange order - Fixed
Processing Massed Events based on best overall was not working - Fixed