Heat and Finals

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Heat and Finals

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How SportsTrak Process Heats

As heats are run, and each set of results is entered, SportsTrak will process that heat, plus any other heat for the same final, and based on the method (A to D) selected for the final, will automatically move the best place-getters into the final as competitors.


Lanes in Finals

When all the heats have been run, you should print a marshal slip for the final and all the competitors will be entered, with lanes based on:


First finalist...        Lane 5

                 Lane 4

                 Lane 6

                 Lane 3

                 Lane 7

                 Lane 2

                 Lane 8

Eighth finalist...        Lane 1


For finals with more than eight competitors, the lanes are rotated based on the teams.


Processing the final

When you call up the final, SportsTrak will have loaded all the contestants and you only need to assign a place and performance to each.


SemiF and QtrF

If that final is a Semi Final or Quarter Final, then the results will be processed as a heat for the next level of final.  Thus the best contestants will automatically move from heat, through lesser finals to the Final, without having to be manually entered.  Each marshal slip will be automatically correct.



Competitors will score points from all heats and finals based on the grade of the scoring system you assign.  If you don’t want heats to score points then assign a scoring system to them that has zero points for each placing.


Are heats and finals limited to timed events?

No.  Heats may be based on distance events such as long jump, or high jump, if desired.


If you wish to edit the finalists before a final.

If you want to delete or add a finalist or change the order of lanes, go to Carnival Setup > Events and Competitors, call up your event and make your changes.