Heat and Finals

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Heat and Finals

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Terminology used in SportsTrak

Final means any event where the competitors progress no further. Technically, it includes stand-alone events,  but the word makes more sense if you consider it to mean the last event in a hierarchy leading from Heats &/or Quarter Finals &/or Semi Finals


Heat, SemiF, QtrF are labels for an event where the best place-getters will progress to another event in the same carnival.   Apart from the label, they all behave the same way:  The best performers are taken and placed in a higher level event that you must give SportsTrak information about.


For a very structured carnival, you might have:

Four QtrF events leading to Two SemiF events leading to One Final


More commonly for school carnivals, though:

Several Heats leading to a Final


In this guide, when ‘Heat’ is referred to, it can usually also mean SemiF or QtrF.


Finals can work with their heats in any of four ways:

Method D  - Best overall

Results from all the heats are sorted and the best performers progress to the final, regardless of which house (or school) or which heat they came from.


Method B  - Best per Team

The final takes competitors with the best performances from each Team. e.g. best 2 from each house (or school) move to the final.


Method C - Best per Heat

The final takes the competitors with the best performances from each Heat. e.g.  the best 2 from each heat move into the final.


Method A - Best Overall, but final doesn't run.

Occasionally, heats are run and you want the best performers to be treated as if they had competed against the competitors in the other heats.  You do not want to actually run a final event.


As heats are processed in SportsTrak Results Entry, competitors are allocated to the final.  After all heats have been processed, the final must be called up and it can be processed as if it had run, based on the performances obtained in the heats.


This situation can occur if the time is too short to run the intended final, or it can be a way of running trials.