Welcome to SportsTrak

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Welcome to SportsTrak

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This document last updated 1 August 2013


Welcome to SportsTrak, Australia's oldest and most widely used school sports carnival management software.

CaRob Computing is a partnership of 2 (now retired) teachers who created the first version in DOS in 1993.  SportsTrak has been used continuously since then by upwards of 1000 schools in Australia and overseas.  This version (ST2200) is the latest in a series of major updates since 1993.


We have worked closely with Sport Coordinators to include nearly all variations of carnival configuration into SportsTrak. In the last 10 years, the basic capabilities of SportsTrak have not really changed.  What we have done with this update is:


Polish the interface so that it is less complex to the uninitiated

Vastly improve its import and export capabilities, especially by the direct interface with Excel.

Provide connectivity with Meet Manager, given its increasing profile at major meets

Eliminate a few features hardly ever used

Promote a feature or two that users could have been using but were unaware of

Provide Windows style help

Provide wizards to guide users through all major activities


We hope you enjoy working with this version.