General Techniques in SportsTrak

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General Techniques in SportsTrak

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SportsTrak is a program that works on your data.  The data may be students, events, scoring system, results, etc.


Data related activities include:


 Adding, Changing, Deleting specific data

 Sorting data into different orders

 Locating items

 Import or Export Data



The importance of backups

You spend a lot of time setting up a program of events, importing students, and maybe getting competitors into events.  You do not want to lose it or mangle it.

So make regular backups and make sure you know what you are doing.  If you think that something may be risky, make a backup.  If you have made major changes, do a backup.


SportsTrak has no Undo button.


When you edit the program of events or students, you can't do much damage if you type something silly.


Data import is a different issue though.  You can import hundreds of kids, hundreds of events, hundreds of competitors, for example.

If that data is screwy, I can promise you that you will be upset.


If you use SportsTrak's archive or other backup technique it easy to restore to the previous data.