General Techniques in SportsTrak

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General Techniques in SportsTrak

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Data is generally displayed in scrollable tables referred to as Browse Tables.


A typical table - the student list

A typical table - the student list


The table generally allows you to find and view data without changing it.


The update buttons (Insert, Change, Delete) call up a Form, where data is changed.


Navigate through the table with the scroll bar (right hand side of table), Up and Down Arrows, or <PgUp> <PgDn> keys.

Sort Headers

Where tables offer Sort Headers, you can sort on one or more columns in forward or reverse order.

on the column heading to sort the table on that column


Mouse Action


<CLICK> on column heading

Sort the table on that column

<CLICK> again on same heading

Reverse Sort

<CTRL-CLICK> on another header

Include that column in the sort order.

<SHIFT-Click> on a header

Clear the sort and set the table back to standard.







In this screen shot, I have clicked on Given then on Surname.


Students are then grouped by their Given names in Surname order.

Sorted on Given, then Surname

Sorted on Given, then Surname


Indicated by a prompt such as Locate on Surname or Locate on Sort Column


Click on the table (so Windows knows what part of the window you are on).

Start typing a surname eg CAR and the table will scroll automatically to the nearest matching surname.


If you have sorted the table then the locator works on the sort column, not surname.


So if you had sorted on Given you could start typing JAC and the table scrolls to Jacquelene.



Clearing a Locator

<UP Arrow> or <DOWN Arrow>

To Locate again, you must clear the locator.  This means clearing what you have just typed.  You can Backspace the letters away and start again, or touch the Up or Down Arrow key which is easiest.