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Interactive NetBookIt 3


This link runs a fully functioning NetBookIt 3. The password is demo

You are free to make bookings of any kind. The booking data is refreshed automatically every morning, so your bookings will not persist.

Some of the booking options featured in the demo are:

Computer Rooms

- Book multiple sesssions in a day through the first booking
- Be able to enter a consequential room vacancy
- Shows permanent bookings already created by templates

Library Class areas

- 2 days notice required
- Reason required and uses a prompted memo from the memo library
- Consequential room vacancy
- Images of the areas

Libary AV

- Room Identifier, where the item will be used
- Limited to booking within 14 days

Public Hire facilities

- Variable day structure; weekends different to weekdays
- Book multiple sessions in the day through the one booking

Science Pracs

- Uses a stored memo to elicit extra information from the booker

Drama Centre

- Book multiple sessions in a day.
- Allows recurrent bookings up to 28 days ahead