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runner.png Upgrading to SportsTrak 2200
What to do
From SportsTrak 2100

Keep your existing SportsTrak 2100 folder (usually C:\SportsTrak).

Run the install for ST 2200 and place it in C:\SportsTrak2200

Copy working data from ST2100 into the SportsTrak 2200 folder (for convenience only)

Uninstall SportsTrak 2100 only if you want to.

ST2200 will run on any of your ST2100 data and leave it compatible with ST2100. That means if you open a data folder in ST2200 you can later open it in ST2100 and there will be no problems. It also means a ST2200 program can be sent to a ST2100 school and it will work.

One tiny change is that Other Info on an event was 35 characters in ST2100 but in ST2200 it is 28 because some of the space has been stolen to include a lower age group and lane method. So if you open a program of events in ST2100 you will see some stuff in Other Info.

ST2100 View

This shows the ST2200 sample data folder open in SportsTrak 2100. The Other Info field carries a bit of stuff put their by ST2200.

This in no way affects how ST2100 would work with those events. But any printing of the program should be done in SportsTrak 2200.

From SportsTrak previous to 2100

The data will need to be upgraded. STConvert utility will make it ST2100 compatible and then all of the above comments will apply.