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Updates to SportsTrak 2200

Why are there updates?

Feb 8, 2023

Import of Event Records from text file was incorrectly documented on screen, so imports were not working properly. Fixed

July 1, 2022

Under the Utilities menu, rewrote the utility that converts a program of events from Age based to Year Level based (or vice versa)

June 25, 2002

Massed Results now creates a summary of competitors' results across multiple massed events and can export to CSV. Use the button seen highlighted below

Massed File Window

Mar 2022

Massed Results now allows data to be collected elsewhere and imported into SportsTrak's Massed Entry function. This allows those perfomances to be processed and scored in your regular program of age (or year level) events. The Import button is found in the Massed Results window.

Massed import window

Mar 12, 2018

Event Entry Sheets now indicate Competitors or Emergencies who have already been entered into the listed events

Sample Entry Sheet

SchoolTeam.CSV Import Problem:
When a kid of younger age eg 17Yr is being imported into an older event eg 20Yr Butterfly, and that event has not been flagged as Open, the import gave an artificial, but incorrect DoB just so as to fit him into that event.  Then he is not eligible for other events that are younger than that. So as a 20Yr, he now can't go into 17Yr Events- Fixed

Feb 20, 2018

Results processing did not recognise Team Event (Relay) Records. Fixed
Calibri font in Best Performers and Results Reports changed to Microsoft Sans Serif because when saved as PDF, they would not always render correctly.

Feb 19, 2018 In Massed Event mode, a button to Refresh Student info that had been present in SportsTrak 2100 was not present.
That function has now been restored.
Feb 11, 2018

Track and Field Marshall sheets were not displaying the Low Age of Open events - fixed
Ditto for SchoolTeam.CSV outputs. Fixed
Print Students by Year Level had an extraneous page break between sections - fixed.

Apr 28, 2015

Carnival Settings: If the way Equal Placings are handled was changed and Results have been entered, the change would not take effect. Fixed.

Setting Lanes: Field Events were always using performance as the basis for throwing order, not whatever was specified in Lane Setup. Fixed.

Feb 27, 2015

The large screen on Results Entry with all the tables was not updating automatically after a result was entered. Now updates every few seconds.

Minor: Found a colon in the name of a Carnival.tps file is illegal in Windows, so modified the automatic naming convention to eliminate a range of these characters. The name is base on the user-entered Carnival Name , so it potentially can have any characters.

Minor: The inter-house to inter-school wizard checks for the existence of an inter-school program when comparing events. If no program is found it reminds the user that they might not have imported a carnival file, even though they placed it in a correct folder.

Feb 24, 2015

Lanes were not able to be set for Field Events... not sure why, but we've changed it so you can. While doing this we reworked how lane setting behaves.

House score from competitors in Open events now goes to the house age group of the competitor, not the hi age of the event.
eg Points earned by a 12Yr in a 12Yr-13Yr Open event now go to the house as 12Yr points, not 13Yr points.

Windows were sometimes getting lost. Now, while you can move them around, they will reset to default positions on startup.

The Data Check now removes competitors if their event does not exist.

Behaviour fix: The option in settings - Points earned by a kid competing out of their age group count towards their championship points - not 100% correct. If disabled, a 15Yr in a 16Yr-20Yr Open event would still have got championship points for herself, when she shouldn't. Fixed.

Feb 13, 2015

Meet Manager SD3 Swim export file made by SportsTrak had a line in wrong position.
In MM, it gave competitors incorrect preferred name.

Fixed in this update.

Feb 6, 2015

Tightened up control of competitor entry into Open events, in particular checking the lower age setting.

Importing a Meet Manager program into SportsTrak assumed only A, B, C divisions would be required. Added D and E.

Importing a set of Scoring Standards from Excel was limited to 78 columns (up to BZ). Will now take 104 columns (up to CZ).

Jan 13, 2015 The setup program contained an outdated STConvert.exe. Updated.
Dec 11, 2014 Printing Blank Entry Sheets from the wizard was calling the wrong procedure. Fixed.
Mar 13, 2014

Modified the Carnival.tps Export to include the data file TPSEvent.tps. This file is created when a Meet Manager program export file is imported (.EV3 or .EV1) and is required when a Meet Manager competitor import file is created. Not having this file means the MM import file is incorrectly formed. Having it in the Carnival file now makes it more certain that the correct export file is created for MM.

The option Only A grade events to count for individual championship points has been disabled in carnival settings. This is because you can now specify for any scoring grade whether the points are to be allocated to Team, Individual or Both. (Carnival setup menu > Set Scoring Grades and Points). This duplication of function made some of the results reports inconsistent.

The Meet Manager program import (.EV1 or .EV3) was setting the default carnival gender to an invalid value, causing some reports to misbehave. This gets fixed automatically when SportsTrak starts now.

Mar 04, 2014

Blank entry sheets were displaying incorrect OPEN events. eg a 14Yr sheet would display OPEN 15Yr-20Yr events. Fixed.

Adding Competitors to Events: Restricted Lookup on Students was not handling OPEN events correctly when using Tag All. Fixed.

Massed Results processing into OPEN events not working correctly. Fixed.

Team Lookup on Marshal Windows and Best Performers was not working. Fixed.

Added extra student code check in Data Check. (Sometimes users re-import kids when results exist and student codes can change which mangles the data). No guarantees here but it will help.

Modifications to some lookup field sizes, some menu names, and other minor things.

Feb 06, 2014

Adding Competitors to Distance or Points Team Events was hanging SportsTrak2200. Fixed.



Dec 13, 2013

MM Swim EV3 import did not bring an Open event Low Age into SportsTrak program in an empty folder, unless a data check had first been performed. Fixed.

Wizard 5 , Preparation of I/S Squad did not proceed to the final step. Fixed

Nov 6, 2013 Bug fix. If you specified that points scored for an individual event went to the team only or individual only, you were unable to change it back to making points go to both individual and the team. Fixed.
Sept 18, 2013 Added support for Avery L7162 Sticky Labels + selection of what to print
Aug 30, 2013 If you have the Set Places based on performance selected to Automatically, then when you go to add a competitor it automatically pops up the search student screen. Fixed
Aug 29, 2013 MM Aths EV1 import was not bringing in Relay Teams fully - fixed
Aug 21, 2013 MM Aths EV1 import did not bring low age into SportsTrak program - fixed
Aug 17, 2013 SportsTrak 2200 ready for download by users