SportsTrak questions

SportsTrak keeps saying Demo Version even though I have paid for it


I have a file error.  SportsTrak gives an error message and stops.                


Error: File daydtail.tps could not be opened. Error Invalid record declaration (47)        


I can use SportsTrak to open my old data but newer data sent to me by my inter-school organiser gives the above error.


Can I run SportsTrak on a Mac?                                                


Is it possible to rank students according to their best 4 individual event results in carnivals (even if they compete in 10 events)?


What is a Carnival.tps file and what can I do with it?        


I want to re-import Students because Home Group (or something else) was not correct,  but results (or competitors) exist and SportsTrak won't let me.                        


User Defined Age Groups - why is SportsTrak 2200 discouraging them?











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