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What is Slynx?

SLynx is a "middle-man" utility that sits between SportsTrak 2200 and the Lynx Photo Finish and Field  Systems.


It allows SportsTrak 2200 carnival data to be exported for use by Lynx system, receive the electronic timing results and pass them back to SportsTrak.


Slynx is intended for use by the SportsTrak coordinator.

SportsTrak is used to create a program with events, lanes, and competitors.  

Slynx exports this data to Lynx.

Lynx posts result data, event by event, where Slynx can read it.

Slynx reads event results and exports them to SportsTrak.  These results show placings and performances, but does not contain championship point info.

Sportstrak then processes each event either individually or as a whole, determining house and individual championship points.


Slynx is not used by the Lynx operator, except to receive the setup files for Lynx and post the result data.


Slynx runs separately to SportsTrak and Lynx.  


It does not communicate with those programs directly.  It can read SportsTrak data relating to a carnival, and format that data for Lynx.  This data consists of the Schedule of Events (a Lynx SCH file),  competitors and potential competitor (PPL file) and the competitor list for events (EVT file).


Lynx saves its results, one event an a time, in LIF files for timed events and LFF files for field events.


SLynx is able to read these files and write the data back as SportsTrak results.


The results appear in SportsTrak with times, competitors, and placings, but not the Team or Individual Championship points, so SportsTrak has to Process those results, either individually, or in bulk.





Basic Flow Chart

Basic Flow Chart







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