Entry of Competitors

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Entry of Competitors

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3. Transfer the information from the sheets to SportsTrak

Some schools get house captains or house teachers to do the data entry.

If so, activate passwords and allow the house representatives Operator level access,


There are many ways of getting competitors into SportsTrak.




The two highlighted buttons are for competitor entry.


The first shows all events and allows you to add competitors to those events.

The second shows all students and allows you to allocate events to them.


If you have the blank entry sheets filled in, use the second button as follows.


Click the Competitors and Events button btnEv2Comp


Pick a competitor and add events

Pick a competitor and add events


Get the entry sheets and work through by student

Working from the Entry Sheet in the last section, I locate each student in turn

Notice I have sorted the table by Competitor name, and type 'apost' to locate Apostolov


Click the Multiple Entry button



Enter the event numbers (best if someone read them) and press <ENTER>




Those events are instantly added to the student.  Any events of the wrong age or gender are ignored.


Use <Up Arrow> key to clear the locator, locate the next student on the sheet, and repeat this process.


This is by far the fastest way to get competitors in.


2Buttons  The two buttons on the toolbar offer other ways to enter competitors and you can experiment with them yourself.