Filling in a blank SchoolTeam.csv

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Filling in a blank SchoolTeam.csv

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Editing a blank  SchoolTeam.csv file


If you have received a SchoolTeam.csv file from your inter-school organiser, open it in Excel.  It will look similar to this.  Each event is represented with one or more lines.  If it is one line per event, then one competitor is required per event.  If 2 lines per event, 2 competitors may be added, etc.


Sample SchoolTeam.CSV sent  by IS Coordinator

Sample SchoolTeam.CSV sent  by IS Coordinator

Required data on each line

Surname, Given, Team Code

(if you don’t know your Team Code, check with the inter-school organiser)



Middle initial (only used to distinguish 2 students with same name otherwise)

Qualifying Distance or Time (can be used to seed heats into V formation). Times are entered as MMSSHH always ending on the hundredths.
eg 22.75 Enter as 2275 ; 11.7 Enter as 1170 ;  1:05.7 Enter as 10570



Col N - DoB  (is calculated by SportsTrak approximately based on the event age for age group carnivals).  However, if you do enter a DoB, it will be used by the import.



SchoolTeam.csv filled in by direct entry

SchoolTeam.csv filled in by direct entry

Notes on this example

Data must be entered for Columns F, G and I

Col H - add an initial only if two kids otherwise have the same name

Col L - if this competitor is an emergency, capital E


Cols J and K describe the age range that an OPEN age group covers.


Check your data

Where the same competitor is entered into several events, make sure their name is spelt the same in each case.


Saving your Spreadsheet

Go to File > Save As...


Save as...

Save as...


Pay attention to which folder file is being saved into


Put your school's code in the file name


Save as type .csv


Click Save, and you will get this message...



Click Yes


When quitting Excel, you will get this prompt to save...




This is asking whether you want to save the file as an Excel .xls file.


Click Don’t Save


Email the data file to your inter-school organiser