General Techniques in SportsTrak

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General Techniques in SportsTrak

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General Printing

As long as a printer is installed under Windows, it will work with SportsTrak.  Choose a printer from the File menu.

All reports preview to screen where you can view the output.


Options on Print Preview

Options on Print Preview

At this stage you may:


print all pages

select some pages to print


To print specific pages, go to File, Pages to Print.  Enter page numbers separated by commas e.g. 1,4,5, or a range of pages by using a dash e.g. 1-5, or combination e.g. 1,5-9.


Print to Text, HTML, or Acrobat Reader document

From the preview window most reports offer the ability to:

        print to an Acrobat .pdf file

        print to a text file

        print to an HTML file


Go to File, Save As...


Select one of the options shown above and you will be prompted for a file name and location, then click Save