6. Library of Event Types

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6. Library of Event Types

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What is the event library?

It is a list of standard event names that you draw upon to create a program of events.

It includes information about each event that SportsTrak needs to be aware of such as whether it is a time or distance event, the Marshal Sheet format and so on.


View or Edit the library

Background > Library of Events Types


click the highlighted button below...





Library of Events Table

Library of Events Table



Selecting Change or Insert will bring up this form:


Library of Events Update Form

Library of Events Update Form


The event name must not include the age group or gender.  Just put the event type: javelin, 100m freestyle etc.


The name entered here is what prints on the program.  So be careful to use correct and consistent style.

Don't mix upper and lower case.  100m with 200M looks poor.

Be consistent with 100m versus 100 m; they are different


When opening a new data folder, if SportsTrak does not find an event library then it automatically creates one with standard swimming and athletics events.

Inter-school carnival considerations

If you want to easily progress your best competitors to the inter-school carnival your event library should use identical event names as the inter-school program.

That means all schools with SportsTrak in your association need the same names.

We recommend that you use the event library provided by SportsTrak