5. Scoring Systems

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5. Scoring Systems

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Other Scoring Options

From Carnival Setup > Carnivals Settings


Competitors in events out of their age group

Example:  A 15Yr gains points in a 17Yr event.  Those points will always go to the competitor's house. But do you want the competitor to accrue individual championship points for it?




Tick here to allow those points to count for individual championship.  Untick otherwise.


How to allocate points for equal positions

Example:  Assume 10 points for 1st place, 8 points for 2nd.

In the case of an equal finish, do you want both competitors to get 1st place point?

If so, check the box shown here.

A side effect of this is that the event allocates more points than other events.




In unticked, SportsTrak adds up the available points (10 + 8= 18) and divides between the competitors (= 9 points each)

The feature of this is that every event has the same number of points available for championships.


Bonus for breaking a record

If you want to award bonus points to a competitor who breaks or equals a record, set it here.