Creating the Swim Team in SportsTrak

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Creating the Swim Team in SportsTrak

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1. Import the Meet Manager Events (.EV3 file) and Teams (.HTML file) into a fresh folder

2. Add Competitors to the events

3. Create an SD3 export file of competitors to send back to Meet Manager for import


How to do it...

You may choose to fully follow Wizard 7


Wizard 7 Start

Wizard 7 Start

This guides you fully through the entire process


Or you may do it yourself if you are familiar with SportsTrak...

Set up the program

Set up a fresh folder


Import the HTML file of Teams

Import Teams

Import Teams

Import the EV3 file


Import Ev3 Menu

Import Ev3 Menu


Get Competitors Into the Program

How you do this depends on your situation:


Importing from a previous carnival

If your competitors are largely coming from the results of a previous SportsTrak carnival, use Wizard 5 to move them in and edit them.


You are an Inter-school Coordinator

If you are an Inter-school Coordinator and require teams from participating schools, follow Wizard 4.


You are working on your own program basically from scratch

If you have no external source of data you need to enter competitors directly.

Follow Wizard 6, except

 - you will import the MM program and teams instead of the described steps 2 and 3

 - if you are not handling too many competitors you may choose not to import them as described, but enter them directly yourself as students, then allocate them to events.


Create the MM competitor import file

          Import/Export Menu > Meet Manager




Enter a name, typically the team name or code.  The extension will be added automatically.


Enter a name for your SD3 file

Enter a name for your SD3 file


Click the button




Pay attention to the file name.  The file will be created in your current data folder.


Click Create...


After creating the SD3 file

After creating the SD3 file


Click View SD3 to verify the data is what you expect….


Viewing the SD3 file

Viewing the SD3 file