4. Set Houses, Ages, Year Levels

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4. Set Houses, Ages, Year Levels

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Set Houses, Age Groups, Year Levels

Carnival Setup > Teams, Ages, Years


This window groups several of the most common student grouping options.

The exact appearance of this window depends upon the carnival settings you selected previously and advice is offered in red below each table.


Houses. Age Groups, Year levels

Houses. Age Groups, Year levels


Teams (Houses)  also refers to schools in an inter-school context

Make sure you enter the house name and code exactly as used by your school administration system.  If your admin system does not have codes, just names, make your codes as brief as reasonable to avoid duplicates.  One character is good!  Four is the maximum


Age Groups

Most carnivals seem to use 6 age groups (equivalent to Year 7 to Year 12).  The absolute maximum is 14.

In the above example all students younger than 13Yr will go into 13Yr.  All students older than 20Yr will go into 20Yr.  So no-one can actually miss out.