STUCCO Cross Country Utility

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STUCCO Cross Country Utility

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What is STUCCO?

STUCCO stands for SportsTrak Utility for Cross-Country Organisation and is used for structured inter-school cross country carnivals.


STUCCO assumes


 Scoring is based on place.  1st place = 1 point, 2nd = 2 points etc.  The lower the score for a team or individual, the better.

 Schools can have a maximum number of competitors per event e.g. 8 or 10.  STUCCO does not police this.  This is the organiser's role.

 To be eligible for a team championship a minimum number of competitors must complete the course for that school.  e.g. 3.

So for the female championship at say 13Yr, the best (lowest) three scores are totalled.  The team with the lowest aggregate for the set number of runners is the winner of the 13Yr female championship.

 If a school does not have the minimum number of runners it is not eligible for the team championship.

 For the Overall 13Yr Championship, scores are taken from both Male and Female championships and totalled.  The lowest wins.  If a school lacks either a Male or Female total, they are not eligible for the Overall Age Group Championship.

 Regardless of team numbers, any individual is eligible for individual championships.


The constraints imposed by these rules require specialised report summaries which is why STUCCO is different to SportsTrak's general results entry mode.


To STUCCO or not to STUCCO?

For a typical school cross country where participation is the main aim, do not use STUCCO.  Instead, use the Massed Entry method described in the previous sections.



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