8. Student Data Import

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8. Student Data Import

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SportsTrak will import student details from a text file (comma or tab delimited) or Excel file.


As it imports, SportsTrak will determine students’ age groups.  If students have no student code or duplicate code, then a new code is determined automatically.


Prior to Import make sure that Houses and the Age Group Reference date have been set


We recommend the Excel Import because

It incorporates stringent error checks

It is easier for you to work with than text files


Jump to Excel Import Guide


From Text File

The text file of student data can have any name.  For simplicity, this manual refers to it as STUDENT.TXT because this describes the content and format succinctly.


Each student's details are to be on separate lines, with items (fields) separated by either COMMA or TAB characters.  If an item is missing (e.g. Initial) this must be indicated by 2 commas (or tabs) in a row.

Therefore each line requires 7 separators and a maximum of 8 data items.


The file must have no headings or page breaks.


Text File Structure (and also Excel File)

Each line is structured with these data columns:


1. Student Code

12 characters maximum, typically 7.        

e.g. SMI0012

Required (if omitted SportsTrak creates one)

2. Surname

15 characters maximum                        


3. Given Name

13 character maximum                        


4. Initial        

1 character                                


5. Date of Birth

8 characters in one of these formats:                

 dd/mm/yy        e.g.  01/09/01                dd/mm/yyyy        e.g.  01/09/2001

 yyyymmdd        e.g.  20010901        

Required for age based carnivals

Optional but recommended for year carnivals

6. Gender

1 character M or F                        


7. House or Team

15 characters maximum        

Either full team name or team code        

Required except for form based carnivals

8. Year Level

3 characters        e.g. 07A, l1B, 12C        

You may omit form group e.g.  07 or 12        

Required for year and form based carnivals

Optional but recommended for age based carnivals


The order of the fields is not absolutely critical, but the order shown is the default expectation at the import stage.

If the field order is different from that displayed above, you will have to rearrange the column headings at the import stage.


Text File Examples

Consider two students:

 John K Smith, born 21 Oct 1998, Male, Henry House, Year 11C

 Phillipa L Jones, born 2 Jan 2001, Female, Gordon House, Year 8A


In Comma Delimited Format the two records will appear like this when Student.txt is viewed in Notepad:


 SMI0012, SMITH, John, K, 21/10/1998, M, Henry, 11C

 JON0025, JONES, Phillipa, L, 01/02/2001, F, Gordon, 08A


In Tab Delimited format:

 SMI0012        SMITH        John        K        21/10/1998        M        Henry        11C

 JON0025        JONES        Phillipa        L        01/02/2001         F        Gordon        08A


If some data is omitted then two commas (or tabs) together indicate it:


is correct for an omitted initial.


Typical records from a Student.Txt file:

 AIT0012, AITCHISON, Brett, , 1/04/1995, M, HEDD, 09A

 ALE0001, ALEXANDER, Robert, , 30/10/1998, M, DUTT, 07B

 AND0021, ANDERSON, Robert, , 2/10/2001, M, MITC, 07C

 BEL0032, BELL, Shane, , 18/11/2002, M, NELS, 10D



Many export systems will place quotes around the data.  This enables commas to be part of the data, rather than being interpreted as a separator.

It makes no difference to SportsTrak whether the data has quotes or not.


 “BEL0032”, ”BELL”, ”Shane”,””, ”18/11/2002”, ”M”, ”NELS”, ”10D”     is OK.