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What SportsTrak does

SportsTrak is used to manage and score school sporting carnivals:

 • Athletics

 • Swimming

 • Cross country


Typical activities for a particular carnival include:


set Houses, Age Groups, Age Group Reference Date, Scoring System, and the like.

create a program of events

import students from the administration database

print nomination forms for the events for each house

pre-enter competitors and print marshal/judges sheets        

enter results and determine a range of championships

print a huge range of summary reports


For inter-school carnivals each school is treated as a house. A program may be based on Year Levels, not Age Groups.  A carnival may be based on Form Groups, not houses or schools.  Each carnival is saved in its own folder.


SportsTrak is used for Trials

Trials are often run to rank competitors on their performance in a range of events and to use this to seed competitors into events on a program.  With SportsTrak you may quickly give any competitor a performance, ignoring age and gender, and SportsTrak will put the best into the program.


SportsTrak can take best performers from an inter-house carnival and place them as competitors in an inter-school program.

Assume you run an inter-house carnival.  Your inter-school coordinator using SportsTrak can send you a copy of the inter-school program for you to set up under SportsTrak.  SportsTrak allows you to match events across the two programs and select your best place-getters as competitors.  You can then export the competitors to a file to send  back.


SportsTrak can interact with Hytek Meet Manager

Import a Meet Manager program of events

Meet Manager can export a file containing its program of events.  SportsTrak 2200 can use this file to create its own version of the same program, automatically determining age groups and event names.  You can import the Team codes from MM as well.  You may then add competitors to this program. (manually or automatically as above).


Export Competitors to Meet Manager

Based on the imported MM program, you can create a file of competitors that Meet Manager will import.