Processing Results

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Processing Results

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After entering as many results for each event as you require, you will need to process them to determine a range of results.




What does processing do?

Processing works through each event and determines:


• the points score for each school based on the best competitors' placings.  A school may have 10 competitors, but the best 3 may have been set to count for the team championship.


• which schools have met the eligibility requirements for age group championships.  If you set 3 as the minimum requirement, any school with 2 or less competitors would naturally tend to have a lower (and better) score. Therefore these schools are not eligible for team championships.


• male and female team championships.  If a school has a valid result for each age group in male or female events, then their points are totalled, and the lowest wins the gender aggregate.


• overall best school.  Any school with a valid score for female aggregate and male aggregate, across every age group, has the male and female totals combined for a grand aggregate.  The lowest score wins the overall schools championship.

After Processing, View Results



From this window you may view and print a range of reports covering team scores and individual performances.


Click View Team Scores to see the overall results.


Buttons in red give the main team summaries.  Other buttons give individual performances.


The Raw Results buttons simply list the data that was entered.


All reports print to screen, so you can try them all out without requiring a printer.


All reports may be printed to file:  HTML, Acrobat Reader pdf, or text

A range of reports

A range of reports



Sample Aggregated Results

Sample Aggregated Results


This is actual data from a competition with 52 schools running with 4 age groups.


The table has been sorted by clicking on the pink Place heading.  That has sorted in order of Female Placings.


ION has won the female championship.  (lower scores are better).  ION has the lowest score of all the schools that have valid results for all age groups.

Other school have lower scores, but not for all the age groups.

Some have scores for all age groups, but some of those age groups will not have had the required 3 competitors so they are ineligible for the female championship.


SHC has won overall.  (See 1 in the last column).  They have come 3rd in Female and 2nd in Male and have the lowest combined score among those schools who have valid Male and Female championship placings.