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SportsTrak Updates

Import of Records from text was buggy. Fixed

BookIt3 Update

Newly entered templates not allowing editing. Fixed

NetBookIt logging in issues fixed


Editor's note: About this daggy web site...

I get regular emails suggesting that I modernise this site and my network guru buddy is embarassed for me, but I resist for two reasons:

1. I don't need funky drop downs, graphics, e-commerce functionality etc. This site is basic and is fast because it is not bloated. As long as you can read a bit about the software and can download what you need, that is all I need.

2. I can't be bothered and it would be hard work for me. I have no graphic talent. Programming and documentation and user calls keep me busy enough and I still want time of my own!


AbTrak Abalone Farm Program Update (Ver 21 Mar2023) plus latest OMT utility (27 May 2023)

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SportsTrak 2200
Australia's leading school sports carnival management system.Swimming, Athletics, Cross Country...Interhouse, Interschool...Year Level or Age Group based... Standards or Normal many more options.

What's new in ST2200?   Download the setup program    Upgrading from earlier versions

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A utility that sits between SportsTrak and the Lynx PhotoFinish system, sending timed results back to SportsTrak 2200.

Read the web help for more detail

BookIt 3
A system for booking school resources via the school network. Computer rooms, AV resources, etc... Viewable and Bookable from anywhere in the school.

BookIt 3 setup guide for a new year    BookIt 2 setup guide for a new year

BookIt 3 Download    BookIt 3 Updates

NetBookIt 3 is a browser based booking utility for booking resources via an intranet or internet. It works with BookIt! and requires BookIt 3.

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Demonstration. Password is demo
note: The server may be down at night (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Science Dept Stock Management System

SciList Screen shots    Download   Updates since 2007 release